Should I take another SAT?

<p>So I just took the SAT and got a 2300. I am wondering if I should take it again to get a higher score. I want to go to Princeton and am wondering if a higher score would really help my application or if any score above 2300 is "good enough" and Princeton would not care. Also, if in the slight chance that I do get a lower score, how much does this hurt me?</p>

<p>no stop nope</p>

<p>That’s a great score. If I were you, I would not take it again rather I would just relax.</p>

<p>I’m going to approach this differently. </p>

<p>Colleges don’t look at your total score, they look at individual section scores. The ONLY way you should consider a retake is if two things are true.
A) you’re a Jr. If you’re a Sr pack up your study books and be done.
B) your score is lopsided (ie 800, 800, 700). If your score is evenly distributed (750, 780, 770) be done.</p>

<p>I agree that 2300 is an excellent score by any standard for any school. The bigger question is the section breakdown and what year you are. Again only if you’re a Jr with a lopsided score should you consider another go. Otherwise move on knowing you did a great job.</p>