Should i take psychology in High School if I want to major in Neuroscience

My school offers psychology with the community college every year. Now I’m a senior, and sure that I want to go into neuroscience. With college apps and 5 APs to worry about, is it worth taking? Is it important to let colleges know that I have taken courses related to neuroscience?
I’ve already taken AP Bio, AP Chem, and a few Biomedical Science classes, but none are specific to Neuroscience. I’ve also completed a handful of behavioral science and spent the summer working on a project about Brain metastases. I’m interested in Psychology, but I’m just worried that the timing is off. Do you think it’ll make a big difference? I’m already a week in, and I can tell that it is demanding.
I’m being indecisive and need help. People are telling me to take it because I’m interested and it looks good. Others are advising that I don’t take it because it might be too much (with college apps and such) and it won’t make a difference on my application.

AP is available in Nepal? Well didn’t know that. In which School do you study?

I hope someone who has the answer to your problem will find this thread.

This is not a crisis.

You do not apply into a neuroscience major- you choose that after you get there. Colleges know that ~1/3 of students change from their proposed major once they get to college - and they really don’t care.

It will matter much, much, much more that you have good grades and good essays. Make your call based on what you can handle. The friends who are giving you advice are not the ones who have to do the work.

Psych isn’t as important as the other core classes. A top college can review you based on what major you think, but that doesn’t mean studying psych on a college level while in hs. Not everyone even gets a DE opp or is offered AP. What else you do matters.