Should I tell colleges of a recent suspension

<p>or shouldn't I? My school isn't planning to tell my colleges about it.</p>

<p>what were you suspended for?</p>

<p>For punching someone back after he threw a ball at me. My guidance counselor says to not worry about it, since my suspension will not be included on my final transcript. Still, should I send a letter explaining what happened? But I'm worried about getting my admissions or scholarships revoked if I do tell them about it.</p>

<p>What are the chances of a college finding out even if it is not included on the final transcript? </p>

<p>And is it possible for a college to kick me out or something after they learn of my suspension when I'm attending the college?</p>

<p>This board moves fast.</p>

<p>I may be missing something but why in the world would you tell colleges if your hs isn't going to? It makes no sense to me. You applied, I assume, long before this incident, so you didn't lie on your applications, that's what's important.</p>

<p>Who's going to tell them, then, about your suspension? They have FAR more important things to worry about. Wouldn't give it even a second's worth of thought.</p>

<p>Don't tell them. Simple as that.</p>

<p>When you signed your applications you agreed to notify your schools if you were suspended. If you don't and your school finds out, even if they wouldn't have cared about the suspension they may ask you to leave because you were dishonest in failing to admit the suspension. I think you have a better chance of your school not caring about the suspension than you do about them not caring about dishonesty.</p>

<p>I'll say don't bother if your counselor says no. If admission asks, just say it was your counselor who advised you not to tell. They cannot blame you for taking the wrong advice. I don't think it is that major anyway. But then, I guess it depends on the cause of the incident and who was wrong. Seek advice from someone else in school to be sure though.</p>

<p>I remember your story. Don't tell the colleges. If your school isn't reporting this ridiculous incident, neither should you!</p>