Sickness: Will It Hurt?

<p>I suffered a sickness during my junior year and it really hurt my grades. I think I should say something about it, but I don't know if colleges will count this against me...? Is it a right thing to mention about this?</p>

<p>I think if explained thoughtfully, it can show how you overcame adversity but I wouldn't spend TOO much time or effort on it. It would also be helpful if your counselor touched on it in his/her rec on your behalf. My S has had chronic health issues which caused him to have frequent and prolonged absences throughout HS. He mentioned it in passing on his apps & his counselor also mentioned it in his recs on behalf of S, stating something to the effect that it shows that he is able to overcome adversity & work independently because he has had to do so much of his HS career. Not sure whether his teachers also touched on this in their recs (suspect they may have, since they admired how much he did on his own). Never actually saw son's apps or the recs that were sent on his behalf but the counselor definitely advised mentioning it in passing & that he'd address it in his rec.</p>

<p>S got into several very good schools with substantial merit aid & is happily attending USoCal. I'd speak with your counselor about this, as doubtless he's had other students in similar situations.</p>

<p>Have your counselor write a note about it in his/her rec. I would be careful making it the focus of an essay: it could be effective, but could also get you labeled as "the sick kid". You want them to be aware of it but you don't want it to define you as a candidate.</p>