Signed LOI, and now find that Fin Aid isn't doable

<p>We are all pulling for you--Please let us know how it works out.</p>

<p>We feel your pain. I hope the college acts in good faith and adjusts the package.</p>

<p>new chapter: while working on the appeal letter for the FA dept. a thought crossed my mind. send a letter to the university president and tell him of our unusual situation. I mulled it over for a couple days, and then while talking to my neighbor about this mess (who had 3 kids go through this same school, and one rowed for this coach) HE SAID: Send a letter to the president. </p>

<p>I didnt't know what to do, because I didn't want to rattle the feathers of the FA person that is handling my case. But I have been in touch with her monthly since November and a whole lot has not happened for us. And while she was very sympathetic yesterday and promised to do her very best for us, she did end the conversation with, just don't get your hopes up. UGH. </p>

<p>So this morning my husband said : send it, it can't hurt. SO I DID. I actually sent a letter to the president and told him the whole story, start to finish. I wonder what will happen? Of course, I will keep everyone posted with this new detail.</p>

<p>Now I must go, because I think the Lifetime channel is calling because they are interested in this story for one of their TV movies....... ;)</p>

<p>^^I think that was a very smart thing to do. Good luck!!!</p>

<p>^^ I think that was an excellent move. Well worth a try! Fingers crossed.!</p>

<p>Never underestimate the power of a well-written letter to the right person. Excellent move, ilovepyrs.</p>

<p>communication is key! Is this a D1 or D3 program?</p>

<p>D1.....Hey guys, thanks for the support.</p>

<p>and woman's rowing, right? I would think they will find the money for you. does the program field a nationally competitive team? because that does make a difference in the political and financial will of the institution to support you.</p>

<p>got a letter saturday from FA saying they were still reviewing it and please be patient. over the weekend, we were strategizing about what we should do in terms of trying to find another school for her at this late date. Should we start the ball rolling NOW with the apps, the recs, the calls to coaches, admissions to see if she could come, do they need another rower? then the FA waiting game starts again.</p>

<p>Or do we wait to hear from this school - which we have all kind of soured on during these past few weeks of hell. the schools we would be trying for are the ones she was in contact with & had visited. a few of them are totally closed for apps, but a couple would look at her for a fall 2010 admit. it is a total crapshoot at this point. it is almost may 1st, and none of the schools on her radar last fall had rolling admissions so we would be at the mercy of someone else just for admission.</p>

<p>What other options do we have??</p>

<p>I know this is dicey....but if you paid your portion ($30K - Yikes!) for this year, is their a chance her athletic scholarship could be considerably increased for next year?</p>

<p>As far as your question goes, I would start right in on things. You never know who might have bowed out and maybe there is a coach out there who needs another team member.</p>

<p>Agrree with keylyme. I'd definitely start asking around just in case the school's FA office doesn't come through for you. I'd also do it because of what you said about souring toward the school. They may feel the same souring about you and your D too. My other concern would be that even if the school increased your FA for this first year based on you making a fuss, what would they do for subsequent years?</p>

<p>I totally agree with keylyme and TheGFG - you have nothing to lose by starting to ask around right now about potential spots for your daughter. Things change everyday - but as you point out, time is moving at a rapid clip. Get the word out there that she may be available for recruitment - we have all heard of "last minute miracle" stories regarding spring recruitment.</p>

<p>You have already learned you can't assume anything with the NLI school;however, they really may come through for you. They haven't yet said "no, sorry", so there is still definitely a chance. I would like to think they wouldn't waste your time or theirs just to string you along at this late point of the game. Plus, they do want your daughter! I totally see how your feelings have soured on them, but do agree with The GFG that they may feel the same way right now.</p>

<p>What a stressful time, and I am sending you and your rower my very, very best wishes. It is good that you are going to know the direction things are going in very soon. Then at least you will know, either way, which path you are on. GOOD LUCK!!</p>

<p>Hi all, we found out April 28 about our appeal. certainly gives us lots of time.... anyway, they added a whopping $2500 to her grant reducing the gap from 36K to 34K. not what we were hoping for, and I did call and try to get some kind of explanation about the rationale used, our situation, the information in the guidebooks saying they met 75% of need, was there something in particular that worked against us? no real answers. </p>

<p>We are now in touch with one of the schools that was interested in her back in the summer/fall of 09. Luckily, the admissions people at this excellent university will look at her app at this late date. So we begin again. OUr school college counselor has also called a couple other schools she was looking at last fall and they are receptive to looking at her app. These are not schools with rolling admissions, so we are very lucky.</p>

<p>But now we must get her accepted, then see what kind of FA they can put together after it has all been doled out. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??? AND WE HAVE TO SEND OUR DEPOSIT IN TO THE ORIGINAL SCHOOL BECAUSE WE HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING IN THE WINGS. We are hoping one of these other schools works out.</p>

<p>That is the latest in this saga. Thank you all for the posts of support, the suggestions, advice, everything. BTW, father5 ^, the coach and AD can release her from the NLI, so that will not be a problem. they checked with the NCAA.</p>

<p>I will update.</p>

<p>Ilovepyrs, I am so sorry to hear this! But it sounds like you may have some options, especially if the AD is going to release your daughter from the NLI. I really hope one of these other schools comes through for her. I am a firm believer that things work out the way they supposed to. Hugs to you and your daughter.</p>

<p>Ilovepyrs, thanks for checking in, and like fishymom says, you're doing a great job exploring the other options with limited time. Hang in there. We'll be looking for some good news. You must know, the families on CC who still have the recruiting process in front of them so appreciate you explaining what's happening. You're helping those who are up next. Thanks so much. In the meantime, we're rooting for this to turn out well for you and your daughter.</p>

<p>I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. It must be really hard for all of you.</p>

<p>Have you thought of the possibility of a gap year? Not an ideal solution, but it could be the best of a set of bad choices.</p>

<p>I feel terrible for you, ilovepyrs. Why can't the schools, coaches and everyone involved be honest, blunt and up-front? They have all the experience and we parents have none. And then we are stuck with an untenable situation in the end.</p>

<p>Please tell your story next year (and years after) on CC to others who are going through it for the first time. You must force new CC parents to hear what happened to you so that they will be wary for their situations and hopefully not be caught off guard.</p>

<p>I know everything will work out in the end but in the meantime know that our good thoughts are with you.</p>

<p>Gap year does sound good - she could get another year of club play under her belt.</p>

<p>She is exploring the possibility of a gap year. don't know much about it, guess I will have to research that on CC.</p>

<p>As for those who will follow us in years to come, I plan on weighing in and posting this link where I think it will help. I have other children, so I will be on here for years to come and now that I have reaped the benefits of this "support group" I really want to help others from ending up where we are.</p>

<p>So thanks again. She is presently writiing the supplemental essays for an application...on april 29th. wow.</p>

<p>I will update all with any new developments. I hope someday soon I can post a fabulous ending and as fishymom and I believe, that it will all work out. It is just hard right now.</p>