Similar reach/safety suggestions

<p>Alright, here's what son has so far: </p>

<p>Reach: Stanford, Pomona, Swarthmore</p>

<p>Match: U. Chicago, Reed, Oberlin, Carleton, Kenyon, Claremont McKenna</p>

<p>Safety: UC Sant Cruz, U Washington Seattle, Sewanee?</p>

<p>The rules: He lived in the south until recently and doesn't want to go to college there. (I'm very fond of Sewanee for personal reasons, but he's not.) He'd rather go to school on the west coast than the northeast. His big academic interests are Particle Physics, Psychology, and Poetry. He likes a strong liberal arts component, classics -- does NOT want to attend a tech school because of that. Stanford is his first love -- he spends 3 days a week there already -- and he'll be applying there EA. I have ranked the schools in order of his preference in the three categories. </p>

<p>Here's the question: Any suggestions for other safeties? He's not a big-huge-state-school kind of person. What's missing that you'd expect to see on this list? Again, nothing in the south, including Texas. :)</p>

<p>i wouldnt be fond of sewanee if u plan on being actively involved on campus hanging around the faculty for an extended time. recently, my uncle was the oline/dline coach for the football team. the old coach, who had the same last name as my uncle, was apparently involved in an extramarital affair that found its way to my uncle when the former coaches lover constantly sent emails to my uncle's computer with various nude photos and descriptions of lewd acts. he soon discovered this was a common occurence on campus. left promptly after football season and went into private home construction back in texas</p>

<p>Um, uh. Okay. <em>awkward</em> Thanks for that information.</p>

<p>Hard to say without more data. Also, your "match" category seems too broad: from Chicago to Kenyon is a ways. Perhaps think of it as "high match" (i.e., match/reach), Chicago, Carleton, CMC, and true match, Oberlin, Reed, Kenyon.</p>

<p>More data as in scores/gpa? 3.9UW, SAT's in the mid 700's. Has studied at Stanford Summer College last year, is planning an internship this summer. Laid back, modest, fairly quirky. </p>

<p>I'd almost call Kenyon a safety, but several 'rating' sites think of it as a match.</p>

<p>Okay, thinking West Coast: How about Occidental for safety; and Whitman for match (match/safety).</p>

<p>sry about the awkwardness. my uncles been annoying me to keep people away from sewanee. crazy dude</p>

<p>Safety : U of the Pacific, U of Puget Sound
Safe Match: Willamette
Match: Whitman, Occidental, Grinnell
Slight Reach: Macalaster</p>

<p>Ooo, yeah, I keep forgetting about Whitman. I'll look up Occidental; I think I keep confusing it with other schools.</p>