Simmons Class of 2022!

I saw there wasn’t a thread for Simmons Class of 2022 and decided to make one! You can post your results, questions, comments, or anything about Simmons here. Simmons is my top choice school so I’m also looking to make friends who are planning on attending!! :slight_smile:

Hey, I also applied when are Early Action decisions coming out?

I think EA1 is coming out soon. I got an email from the admissions office (I had switched my application from EA2 to EA1 because I applied earlier) and they said that EA1 decisions come out mid-December. Did you get an email about filling out the student information form for financial aid?

I have looked on Simmons’ instagram and it looks like they send out letters on December 15. I too got the student info form for financial aid

Yeah, they posted today that EA1 decisions are on the way!! so exciting! Is Simmons your top choice?

Yes Simmons is my top choice for nursing, how about everyone else?

Simmons is up there in my choices! I wish they would just email and not mail letters I can’t wait much longer!

same! Simmons is my top choice for nursing also. I hope we get our letters next week (or before Christmas)

Simmons is one of my top choices! I applied ED II to Wellesley, and EA to Simmons. I’m also applying RD to Sarah

How long do you think the letters will take to get to MD?

hopefully a week or a little more! The waiting feels like the worst part of this whole college admissions process. good luck with Wellesley and Sarah Lawrence! :slight_smile:

I’m in Mass and still nothing yet. :frowning: I applied EA 1

I was looking at last years forum and most people got them like on the 20th. So hopefully soon

Still nothing today, and I live pretty close to Boston!

I got in!!!

Congrats Smullen!

Thanks. I just got it today and I live right outside Boston. So people who live farther away will probably get it soon.

We are western US so likely a few days out.

@Smullen congrats!! I live in CT so I’m thinking late this week

I just got my letter today and I’m accepted with a 20k Provost scholarship!!