Skipping Things during Orientation

<p>So I have the latest possible orientation date- Aug 26-28. I know it's wrong to cop out on these things, but there's a huge chance that I'll be wanting to hang out with other kids rather than to go on, say, a walking tour. </p>

<p>What's absolutely mandatory during orientation (besides Check-in and the beginning welcome stuff)? Just "Placement Exams (Day 1; 1:45pm)", "Group and Individual Academic Advising (Day 2; 1:00pm)", and "Registration for Classes (8:00am)? </p>

<p>How about "Peer Advising (Day 2; 7:30pm)"? I think I'll be wanting to hang out with people Wed. night especially. :D</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>The peer advising really isn't that necessay if you have a good idea of what classes you want to take. It's basically just a time to get your classes backpacked and ask questions so that you don't have much to worry about the day of registration. On Day 3 you must show your advisor your intended schedule so that he/she can grant you access to register for classes. Your advisor is assigned when you go to the individual academic advising so this is required also. The group stuff is not necessary so if you can figure out which hour you go to the individual academic advising, that would save you 3 hours. The placement exams may not be required either. If you are an engineer, then you don't have to take a foreign language. You can actually get credit though for the semesters you test out of. I took German for 3 years, skipped 12th grade German, and still earned 8 general elective credits. The chemistry is only important if you are considering organic chemistry. If you know you aren't ready for it, or if you don't ever have to take chemistry, it's not really that useful.</p>