Snow Day Tomorrow?

<p>There's supposed to be a snow day tomorrow, how will I know if the test is cancelled or not?</p>

<p>it wont be. where do u live?</p>

<p>If you live in the NJ area, ur probably gonna have the test. The storms aren't supposed to arrive until late afternoon-early evening on Saturday. Have fun!</p>

<p>if you live in the midwest there is supposed to be a large system coming in, 5-10 inches of snow, its likely that it would be canceled, contact the testing center before you leave and ask to speak to somebody there, they will be able to tell you whether it is cancelled</p>

<p>For Everybody. Call Ur College Up And Give Them Ur Name. I Just Did And They Said It Was Out Of My Hands. So I Have Another Two Weeks To Study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah. But Just Call And They'll Write To The Guidance Counselor. She Said It Was Out Of My Hands. So It's All Good. Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh</p>

<p>I live near Michigan...</p>

<p>So if it snows badly, would it be pushed back and you get to still take it, or would you have to repay or something (seems like something CB would do)? How many weeks woudl it be postponed?</p>

<p>TWO WEEKS for me</p>

<p>freaking guys are so lucky</p>

<p>you can get a refund or a different test date. it happened to me last year when a blizzard cancelled my test. I got my refund in full.</p>

<p>It should snow a ton in Chicago</p>

<p>damnit, the NJ area is gonna be hit by around 3 different snow storms at once, or so the weather people say. Too bad its on saturday, which still means school on mondy</p>

<p>dang it........i have the test. if there is a miracle, i will pray tonite!!! ( i am taking it in bloomington). ppl must be praying and thats y its postphoned-cause so many ppl have been praying. I AM GOING TO DO THAT TONITE!!!!!!!</p>

<p>check out collegeboard site ... it lists the centers which are closed</p>

<p>here's the url to what crichessil was talking about..
<a href=""&gt;;/a>
you could have a makeup date or whatever...
best of luck!</p>

<p>Ug, mine is still open. Looks like I get to leave at 6:30 tomarrow morning. Stupid Minnesota. Seven+ inches and after school activities aren't even canceled.</p>