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<p>So...I think I have a pretty good idea of which schools would fit me academically and are fairly transfer-friendly. My question is, socially, which schools do you all think would be the easiest to transition to and make friends easily? I'm looking at berkeley, dartmouth, cornell, etc. Just kinda wondering if you all had experience/knew of others who had transferred to schools. Thanks!</p>

<p>Although I don't start at Harvard until the fall, I think Harvard has done a great job so far in facilitating the transition process. Already, transfer links (the transfer student network) has set up a group list so transfers can get to know each other through e-mail. Transfer students from previous years have also sent us short blurbs about themselves along with contact info. They all seem really nice, and a lot of the transfer students seem very close. I think it's a great idea, especially since I don't know ANYONE there. I know dartmouth is really good at this as well.</p>

<p>BERKELEY is probably the best socially out of all the ones you listed</p>

<p>Georgetown has been good as well. I have already been contacted by an alum in my area, and he is planning an event where I will be able to meet other new students from Houston. I doubt I will go since I am anti-social, but it is still nice that they are taking the effort.</p>

<p>Yeah, berkeley is pretty good socially. My cousin transferred to Berkeley a couple years back and despite her introverted nature, she made lots of friends pretty quickly.</p>

<p>By the way, congratulations on Harvard. I am so jealous, but I know how thrilled you must be:)</p>

<p>...that 'Cambridge, MA' glares at me...
Have you visited? The city is amazing.</p>

<p>For the purpose of putting this thread back on track, since I have an affinity for digressions, thefacebook is also a good mechanism for acclimating oneself with a new college. I opened an account and immediately made new friends...</p>

<p>...of course, I deactivated it later. I could activate it again, though this time with significantly less information.</p>

<p>I was lucky to have friends who went to Berkeley after high school or transferred there before me. I have made numerous friends from just going up there and visiting for the weekend - and they keep in touch. One of them is even going to be my roommate this coming fall. </p>

<p>I met a few people at CalSo, and we seem to be doing a good job at exchaning emails and such. Facebook is cool because it helps you reconnect with people you've met, or people you used to know. </p>

<p>I had weird feelings about Berkeley at first. I thought everyone single student was going to be introverted, and mainly keep to themselves. I thought the social scene was going to be weak, but I was totally wrong. I would consider Berkeley to be a very socially friendly campus.</p>


<p>Izzie Bear</p>

<p>oh man i can't wait till i get Facebook when i transfer.</p>

<p>Eventhough my CC does HAVE A facebook connection. I don't want to get it. Kind of embarassing.</p>

<p>aw don't be ashamed!</p>

<p>It's embarassing to attend a community college? It's sad you feel that way, assuming you do.</p>

<p>Of the schools you've listed, Dartmouth will probably be the most transfer friendly. The community is very small and, if you transfer as a sophomore, you will meet ALL of your classmates during Sophomore Summer. Slipper1234 transferred to Dartmouth years ago and would be able to give you more information if you're interested.</p>

<p>Stanford has also made it relatively easy to meet people... with the acceptance package, they send you a list of previous transfer students and their contact information. Also, the administration is very helpful and friendly.</p>