Soph Who Got Financial Aid Letter from Vanderbilt University?!

<p>it says it's a followup on my financial aid brochure
Im only a sophomore
How did they find out my address?
The Psats arent even graded yet...are they?</p>

<p>Chill out, don't get too excited about a letter like that. It doesn't really mean anything. Colleges have ways of finding potential applicants that early. You may even have given them your address through some third party without realizing. I got a bunch of letters from U Chicago, NYU and Wake Forest as a sophomore but that didn't really mean that I was going to get accepted by them or have any real advantage during the application process. It's just a way to get you interested in them and to get you to take a closer look so you're more likely to apply.</p>

<p>It actually means you've been accepted on the spot and should prepare to enroll next fall.</p>

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omg rlly?
/end sarcasm</p>