Sorry, but what are my chances?

<p>GPA- 3.8 Unweighted & 5.5 Weighted
Rank: No ranking but I'm top tier definately top 5 in a class of 800</p>

<p>School: Pretty Good reputation, about 20 people got into ivies last year</p>

<p>Courses (Hardest courses possible since freshman year)
AP Government
AP Literature
AP Spanish
AP Lang/Comp
AP Biology
AP Calculus BC</p>

Math: 790 Verbal: 770 Writing: 750
Math IIC: 780 Biology: 790 History: 790 Chemistry: 790
Calculus AB: 5 Computer Science: 4 US History: 5 Physics: 4</p>

2nd degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
Won Medals at competitions for TaeKwonDo
Volunteer Coordinator for American Red Cross of Central NJ
Fundraising Director for Social Studies Forum
Best Delegations, Outstandings for Model United Nations
Captain at Regional Competion for Oddysey of the Mind
Columbia Science Honors Program
400+ hours of Volunteer Service
Co-author of a pending scientific paper
Research Internship</p>

<p>Recs- good one from Director of a department at NYU</p>

<p>what do you guys think about my chances ED?</p>

<p>With a great essay, I think you have a terrific chance! Good luck.</p>

<p> did u get a 5.5 weighted?</p>

<p>Some schools have different weighted GPA systems</p>