South Eastern Colleges???

<p>What are some GOOD colleges in:
North Carolina,
South Carolina,
And if you wouldn't mind just a quick summary of the college, acadmics, etc.</p>

PS: Why are there no IVY'S in the south, lol!?</p>

<p>Duke, Davidson, and Emory come to mind. The Honors Colleges at UNC Chapel Hill and USC Columbia are supposed to be fairly good as is Furman. You can look up their stats, etc. on <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;.&lt;/p>

<p>The Ivy League is an athletic league of Northeastern schools which sorta leaves out the rest of the good schools in the rest of the country. Emory and Duke are probably the top schools in the states you mentioned, but I would also probably include Davidson if you want a smaller, more conservative place. Furman is up-and-coming, but I get the impression its Southern Baptist heritage is alive and well. The honors colleges at all the state schools are all supposed to be very good, esp. UNC-Chapel Hill, but it's a killer to get in out of state. Try University of Florida for a full ride if you get NMF.</p>

<p>How about Wake Forest (North Carolina). Not in the states you mentioned but could
be considered Southern - Vanderbilt (Tennessee) and College of William and Mary
(Virginia). All are excellent schools.</p>

<p>Not to mention the University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins, St. Mary's College of Maryland, University of the South (Sewanee), Tulane, Rice, Rhodes College, Hendrix College, Centre College, Southwestern U, Trinity U...The Southeast (and Texas) have plenty of great colleges.</p>

<p>If you are looking for a small school that feels very much like an elite LAC (because it is one!), certainly consider Davidson. But if you really do dream of Yale, then Davidson, like its northern counterparts, might not be what you are looking for, simply because you might want a larger with more people and more programs.</p>

<p>duke, wake forest, davidson, uf, fsu, usc-columbia, emory, flagler, unc-ch, if you don't mind tennesse, there's vanderbilt</p>

<p>Georgia Tech</p>

<p>There are no Ivies in the South because we have truly good schools! ;)</p>

<p>if you want the Williams experience but where the weather is better, come to Davidson.</p>

<p>Duke, Davidson, Emory, Furman, Georgia Tech, UNC-CH, Wake Forest, for starters -- Also, Clemson, Elon, Florida, Georgia, Miami, NC State, Rollins, Stetson & U So. Carolina.</p>

<p>Outside those four states, but also in the South:
UVa, Rice, Washington & Lee, William & Mary, Vanderbilt, U of the South (Sewanee), Hendrix, Rhodes, Richmond, Tulane, Va. Tech</p>

<p>Wake Forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1</p>