Sports Management

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<p>how competitive is admissions to Sports Management? is it as hard as getting into the business school or is this considered a separate branch?</p>

<p>bump? nobody?</p>

<p>if you are over 19 and out of high school over a year, it looks really easy to get into</p>

<p>why is that?</p>

<p>did you read the link you posted, or do you want the rest of the world to tell you what it said. (click on your link), you have to be 19 and out of school for over a year to enter the program you posted. There are other sports management programs available at NYU, I will leave it to you to find the details</p>

<p>i just re-read that whole page i posted, and didnt find a thing about what your talking about. I'm guessing the whole school of entended studies and whatever, is for adults not rising college freshman. In stern theres EMT (entertainment media tech) that has one sports marketing class... ok i couldn't find it anywhere on the whole site. i looked at every department's list of programs... nothing. how hard is it to get into the Tisch photography program though? mmm... pictures....</p>