SSTP 2022 (Iowa): Any applicants here?

I haven’t seen anything here regarding this summer’s SSTP program at U of Iowa. Curious to know if anyone else is waiting on acceptance decisions this Friday, or if anyone would like to share their prior experience with this program? Thank you!

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yes! I am an alternate though

I’m an alternate as well…what are the chances of getting in??

I am waitlisted as well. Did you guys apply for in person or online?

Just heard that I am an alternate as well for the in person program. Had applied for Environmental and Analytics. How about the rest of you? When do the “accepts” have to confirm their acceptance so that we know next?

My daughter was accepted! She is not on this board, but would love to connect with others going!


Those accepted must confirm by April 8. So you should know relatively quickly I would guess…

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Congratulations. Which program did she get accepted into?


How many of u guys applied to online / offline? Just got accepted into the online one bc im international (online’s my only option) like does that have a higher admit rate or smth?

I’m also international but I only got an alternate for the online program :frowning: Would you mind sharing a bit about your profile and essay topics? Thanks!

in person

Its alright dude some of these programs are like lottery sometimes (Just got rejected from UCSB RMP lmao). im definitely not qualified giving advice to ppl but i’ll share what i did if u like: i basically just made sure to connect all my hobbies to my ECs and how they caused me to want to attend. I also specifically mentioned which labs i would love to work with and the specific research topics i would like to work on with the faculty (you can find very specific information about different labs in UIowa and apparently they get impressed if u research them throughly? idk

If anyone is going to on-campus SSTP this summer, please let me know if you want to connect

Hey, I got accepted to the on-campus option as well, i’d love to connect

hey, i was also accepted and would love to connect as well!

I’m an alternate :frowning: what are my chances of getting accepted? I applied for the online program.

For those who are an alternate, did they tell you which field you would be in in the email?

No, they just send an e-mail called “Alternate.” and some frequently asked questions.

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Is there a discord for those accepted? My daughter was accepted.