Standardized Test Crisis

<p>My crisis is the huge deviation in scores between my ACT/SAT II scores and my SAT I score.</p>

<p>I got a 29/30(if you average my top subj. scores from diff dates) on my ACT and 770's on my SATII's in World and US history.</p>

<p>However, I only got a 1720 (yea I know) on my SAT!!!</p>

<p>I am applying EA to Gtown and the stupid College board only sends my entire SAT profile.</p>

<p>Will my scores reflect poorly,not only at Gtow, but at all schools.</p>

<p>In summary EFF YOU COLLEGE BOARD</p>

<p>And retaking is not possible? You definitely want colleges to see your SAT IIs - they're fantastic. I would say send all your scores, rather than just the ACT, and hope that they don't pay much attention to the SAT I.</p>