Stanford Admissions for Applicants Fall 2022

Hey everyone! Couldn’t find a thread on this, so here’s a thread for the people from the hs graduating class of 2022 & applying undergraduate to Stanford University this coming admission season!


Wohoooo! Let’s go!

I know that I’m about a year early, but don’t stress if you don’t get an interview at Stanford and your friends do. I was accepted without an interview but I believe they were not. I spent way too many nights micro-analyzing my application to see what “what went wrong”. The whole application review is so random…


hi everyone! i’ve been reading these for a few years now, and now it’s our turn! here we go!

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S22 submitted REA, and got a quick reply to setup his portal. Checked everything has been received. It will be nice to know one way or the other before Christmas.


Has anyone gotten a interview call from Stanford yet?

My son has his interview tomorrow.