Stanford Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Yes, they have been posting on a Friday for many years now. They usually tweet in their @EngageStanford account, in the morning, around 8:30-9 AM. Such as this last year:



Thanks Sundar. I will follow @EngageStanford accoun

Yes my DD got her acceptance 5y ago on the Friday before the 15th. Now we are nervously waiting for DS to hear next Friday (the 10th). Next week by this time, REA kids should know! Best of luck to all who are waiting eagerly.

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Any update if Stanford will release the results tomorrow.

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Where is this from?

It’s on the Stanford website under apply

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Link please to the exact page… everyone is wondering where this is from. Traditionally it is the friday before th 15th so this would be a change.

Yeah no problem here it is
Hope this helps out​:grin::+1:t5:

Thanks! Huge bummer. Alas it wears on everyone’s patience. They must have had a huge number of applicants.

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Yeah no problem! glad I could help.:+1:t5:

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Second times a charm, perhaps :smiley:

I think about 10,000 of us gave a collective sigh after seeing your post. :crazy_face:

Hope that these are last 8 hours because it will be very painful if it gets postponed.

*10 hours.

So true😂

Nothing today. Seems like it will be releasing on 15th only.

Today is the day everyone!! I wish the best of luck to you all today and just remember that whether you are rejected or accepted the place you plan to attend for school doesn’t define who you are as a person! :grin:


First decision for my boy! 36 mins!

Stanford time… Best wishes to everyone!