Stanford RD 2018 Discussions' Thread

<p>I’ve noted it down as email but I am not 100% sure. </p>

<p>I believe it is email since they don’t have student portals</p>

<p>UPDATE I found out that all early applicants were notified by email so presuming they stay true to their method…</p>

<p>It’s by email, and you can’t tell whether you’ve been accepted or not from the subject so don’t worry about that. </p>

<p>The decisions go out via e-mail and you don’t have to look it up on a portal. They actually e-mail the decision letter itself. So although the decision is not on the subject line, as soon as you open the e-mail, you know the decision! Best of luck…</p>

<p>Six rejections today… This makes me conclude that Stanford is a foregone conclusion… 8-| </p>

<p>i got wiped out today, lol.
just hanging on to a small stanford chance. most of the people that make one HYPSM seem to get crossed admitted to at least three of them. </p>

<p>My D also got 6 rejections today. Her hopes are now down to Stanford, USC and Vanderbilt. Good Luck…</p>

<p>It sucks, because we all probably are well-qualified applicants. It really is unbelievable how competitive this whole college thing is.</p>

<p>Just got rejected from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Berkeley, and waitlisted at Cornell, Columbia, and Penn. I have a 2380/800 Math 2/800 Physics/770 Lit/4.44 GPA full IB with strong honors and extracurriculars, so really unsure of what happened. Stanford is the last school I hear back from. I’m just so worried now.</p>

I hope you applied to some safety schools/ Did you apply to Berkeley and Cornell as an Eng’g major?</p>

<p>Waitlisted at Princeton/Brown/Berkeley today. Rejected at Harvard lol</p>

<p>My D got accepted to Cornell and Berkeley. Rejected at HYP. WL at UPenn. She’s not expeecting anything from Stanford. She might attend UCLA since we’re not qualified for any aid from Cornell.</p>

<p>Not giving up on Stanford lol. Though I realize, it’s literally the toughtest school to get into. Best not to invest too much in it though.</p>

<p>But I’m happy, this proccess is almost done, I almost know where I’m going</p>

<p>I’m taking my non-acceptances as good omens, since Stanford does look for something different. :wink: lololol</p>

<p>@Lilliana330 Haha, yo tambien.</p>

<p>@Lilliana330: I really want to believe that, but my inner skeptic tells me that it’s gonna end up the same. At least the whole college admissions process is almost done because the last few days have been soul-sucking.</p>

<p>@yangmaster Well, all we can do is wait & see :confused: And yes, glad it’s over!</p>

<p>When does Stanford come out?</p>

<p>Decisions start releasing same as today, but not immediately. You just have to wait on the e-mail.</p>

<p>Got rejected by Duke and Berkeley… Though I have UChicago, Stanford has always been my No.1 Dream School :x </p>