Starting Over (Unique Individual)

<p>I'm starting my college search over.</p>

<p>I had long had a list of colleges upon which I salivated over every day. However, my interests and desires have changed recently.</p>

<p>For a long time, I was dead set on attending a well-known college which would propel me to the upper echelons of the political world. However, that is no longer my desire.</p>

<p>I'm a 18 year old male who has thought about dropping out of high school numerous times because, simply put, it bores me. I want a college that will challenge the way that I think and force me to evaluate the very basis of everything in which I believe.</p>

<p>Stat wise, I've underachieved all my life. I have a 3.157 gpa because I could care less about school. I fell asleep during two portions of the ACT and received a 28. </p>

<p>At one point, I was a very good athlete with the ability to go play college ball in either baseball or football, or perhaps both. However, sports, at this point in my life, means about as much to me as high school- I see it as a waste of time and believe there are much more important things in life, mainly the pursuit of happiness and helping others.</p>

<p>So, I guess my intention is to ask for help. However hard that may be for me, I am hoping that someone here can help me, whether it be by suggesting a wonderful college that I can attend, or by giving me some advice.</p>

<p>I will also post this in the parent forum, hoping for some wise and noble advice from our more seasoned friends.</p>

<p>You seem to be the liberal-arts type. These schools are not as well-known as the Ivies or other similar-caliber schools. However, they provide an excellent education for all professions. They promote critical thinking and are based on a low student-faculty ratio.Your 28 ACT score should be able to get you into many of these schools. I suggest looking at the ranking of the top liberal arts colleges in the USNEWS rankings(simply to get an idea of the schools out there). Also take a look at Colleges that change lives. Good luck!</p>

<p>I second Hawkphoenix's suggestion to look into "Colleges that Change Lives".</p>

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