stats that'll get you in

<p>what stats do you think make U of M:</p>

<p>a "safety"?</p>

<p>a high match?</p>

<p>a match?</p>

<p>a slight reach?</p>

<p>a reach?</p>

<p>a "safety"?
4.0, 33+</p>

<p>a high match?
3.8-9, 31+</p>

<p>a match?
3.8, 29+</p>

<p>a slight reach?
3.6, 27-28</p>

<p>a reach?
3.5 and below, 26 and below</p>

<p>all in-state</p>

<p>a "safety"?
4.0, 32+</p>

<p>a high match?
3.8-3.9, 30+</p>

<p>a match?
3.7-3.8, 28-29</p>

<p>a slight reach?
3.6, 27</p>

<p>a reach?
3.5 and below, 26 and below</p>

<p>that's how i see it</p>

In-State: Under 3.6, Under 26
Out-Of-State: Under 3.7, Under 27</p>

In-State: 3.6-3.8, 26-28
Out-Of-State: 3.7-3.9, 27-30</p>

In-State: 3.8-4.0, 28+
Out-Of-State: 3.9-4.0, 30+</p>

<p>can you guys specify in terms of GPA and SAT scores rather than ACT's? Or does Michigan only take ACTs?</p>

<p>Doctor - just search online for an SAT - ACT conversion sheet.</p>

<p>where would you put a GPA of a 3.46 w/ a ACT of 33?</p>

<p>what about a 3.98 UW and 4.78 W and 1510 SAT (old)</p>

<p>I think that would get you in to ann arbor :D</p>

<p>Average grades - you won't want to hear this, but Michigan weighs grades MUCH more than test scores. They will see you as a slacker. If you are OOS, it would be a REACH</p>

<p>Goldfish - I hope you are kidding, and why haven't you commented on my essay?</p>

<p>I don't know about that -- He's almost got a 3.5 -- and a 33 ACT is a pretty amazing score.</p>

<p>Michigan does favor grades over ACT scores. Many kids from my high school with GPAs of 3.8-4.0+ and ACT scores in the 25-28 range get accepted.</p>

<p>But if your GPA is around 3.4-3.6, I'm sure a 33 will get you in.</p>

<p>AverageGrades23, I haven't heard of anyone getting rejected with those kind of stats at my school, so you should be fine.</p>

<p>thanks for the confidence boost, and btw i am in state</p>

<p>AverageGrades -- what kind of h.s. do you go to?</p>

<p>i got to a public high school...Athens High School. I think that we are somewhat of a feeder school.</p>

<p>I don't think Athens would be considered a feeder, because not enough people actually apply and attend from that school.</p>

<p>Troy Athens?</p>

<p>I'd say it is probably a feeder.</p>

<p>Sorry, didn't know Athens was Troy. I thought he was talking about Athens HS in Athens, MI</p>

Safety: 4.0 GPA, 32+ ACT, 1400+ SAT</p>

<p>Match: 3.6-3.9 GPA, 27-31 ACT, 1230-1390 SAT</p>

<p>Reach: under 3.6 GPA, less than 27 on the ACT and or less than 1230 on the SAT</p>

Safety: 4.0 GPA, 33+ on the ACT, 1450+ on the SAT</p>

<p>Match: 3.7-3.9 GPA, 28-32 on the SAT, 1300-1450 on the SAT</p>

<p>Reach: under 3.7 GPA, less than 28 on the ACT and or less than 1280 on the SAT.</p>