Stay at Tulane or Go to Emory.......

<p>My son was recently accepted to Emory. It was his first choice school as a high school student. He didn't get in. He has been at Tulane with the exception of the katrina semester. He will be a 2nd semester junior this spring, only having 3 semesters left at Tulane. His experience there has been ok, he is neither happy nor unhappy. He has to be there for at least four semesters, so obviously he will have an extra semester of school. This isn't the issue. He is very nervous about fitting in as transfer at this point in his academic career. It's the old story, he's comfortable, but not real happy at Tulane, but he doesn't have any definites at Emory, could be the same there. Any advice as to whether he sould go to Emory or stick it out at Tulane. Remember Emory was his dream school. Any info or suggestions would be helpful. Are there many kids that transfer the middle of their junior year. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>i dnt think too many schools accept transfers who are juniors but could be wrong...</p>

<p>also if he is almost done he could just stick it out and go there for grad school</p>

i dnt think too many schools accept transfers who are juniors but could be wrong...


<p>...he was already accepted at Emory.</p>

<p>If he's willing to try it out, then why not? Most schools will "re-accept" transfers who have left and decide to come back, but if he's neither happy nor unhappy at tulane, there is no harm in trying out his dream school. He is at a later stage in his academic career, true, but he will surely meet some people in his major and develop a fine social life. I go to university of delaware, and am neither happy nor unhappy there, but comfortable as well...and I see no harm, only good, in trying out other places. He should ask himself...why stay at Tulane if I'm not crazy about it and I've got an opportunity to try something new? Good luck and let us know what happens.

<p>Thanks for all your help, he is still thinking about what he wants to do, although we gave Emory a deposit yesterday. The next few weeks will bevery interesting.</p>