Still no reply?

<p>I applied to U Mich in early december as a rolling applicant and now its April 6th and I still have not heard back?</p>

<p>has this happened to anyone else?</p>

<p>We're with you. My son was deferred early action and still waiting to hear.</p>

<p>I am still waiting to hear, I applied mid December too for Preferred Admit.</p>

<p>I was deferred ER and still waiting to hear, too</p>

<p>Same here. I think this is fairly typical though. I talked to admissions the other day and they said that they don't start notifying deferred students until the 2nd week of April (we're the last ones...whoop de doo).</p>

<p>Yeah, it's ridiculous. I got defered in November as well. I am still waiting. Anyone that got defered heart yet? ugh...</p>

<p>I was deffered orginally and got accecpted in the begining of March. I think most who were originally deffered heard and the ones who haven't have been most vocal about it.</p>