Strong music department within liberal arts college

<p>I am looking for liberal arts colleges on the east coast that have strong music departments or conservatories within then, that offer jazz and composition and also allow dual majoring in both music and something else. </p>

<p>The schools i found that i like are so far Bard, Oberlin, Skidmore and Hampshire (with its musical connections with UMass & Amherst), and i am trying to find schools similar to these!</p>

<p>Help would be appreciated very, very much!

<p>Well, it's not on the east coast, but you could also look at Lawrence University for more of a safety. I've heard the music program there is excellent and they have a major in composition. There's also a 5-year double-degree program where you can earn bachelors in both music and an academic course.</p>

<p>Conservatories and double majors typically don't go together unless you're willing to spend five years or more. Bard is an exception. Furman in upstate SC has an outstanding music program that sends many grads onto conservatories for MM degrees. It's music curriculum has enough wiggle room that a double major may be doable. Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music also tries to be double-major friendly.</p>

<p>Probably Univ. of Rochester with its Eastman School of Music. Not sure if it has the specifics you mentioned though.</p>

<p>Bard and Oberlin would be the most seamless, and while not technically an LAC, Lawrence also is extremely supportive. Bard will be an extremely tough admit for composition. They typically take one or two only. </p>

<p>This topic has been covered mutiple times in the music major forum Music</a> Major - College Confidential</p>

<p>Unless you are a conservatory student, studying music at Oberlin can be challenging.</p>