submitting art through slides

i’m sort of new at this. i have them fresh from the developing place with teh white block cardboard protection thing. do i have to put them on sheets? i am only submitting one or two pieces. so just 2-3 frames. so could i just submit them in their state now? right from the developing place in their cardboard thing and what not?

<p>does anyone know? i have ot submit them tommorow</p>

<p>Check the website of the school you are applying to - some schools have very specific requirements for the slides (how they should be labeled - some want name, social security #, date of birth).</p>

<p>My son put 12 slides in a sheet. When the school website didn't have any specific requirements, he labeled each slide with his name and social security number, and put an arrow showing which direction was up for the piece. He wrote up a short summary of each piece - dimensions, medium, and attached the summary to the sheet of slides.</p>

<p>Yes, do NOT remove the slide from the plastic case...</p>

<p>....or u'll die lol</p>