Suggest school for Biology Mjaor w/ English Minor

<p>Quick stats:</p>

<p>Rising senior
ACT -31
GPA U - 3.9
GPA W - 4.386
Race - Black
Location - Chicagoland
Rank - 4/275
ECs - Weak/Average</p>

<p>The only college that has what I want that I may have a slight chance at is UChicago. I prefer larger colleges with diverse atmospheres and a strong biology department. Anywhere in the U.S. is good. Cost is not an issue at the moment. Thanks for the help.</p>

<p>Look at UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan, UNC, and Wisconsin.</p>

<p>cornell doesn't have an english minor, but if you applied to CAS you could double major</p>

Look at UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan, UNC, and Wisconsin.


<p>Hmm... these are a bit reach-y, since public schools don't exercise affirmative action and out of state admission is rather tough. That being said, OP's GPA and ACT are fine, so he would definitely stand a chance. But OOS tuition also sucks, and he might do better at a private school that has better financial aid.</p>

<p>As for the University of Chicago, know that it loves students from Chicago and it has also been trying to increase its diversity. Hence, your racial status could be quite a big factor in your application. It's still a reach, but if you write great essays, then I think you stand a chance.</p>

Cost is not an issue at the moment.


Ah, another student that wants to fall in love with a school before considering if it's affordable. :( You might get some scholarship $ at Ohio State. In Illinois look at UIUC.</p>

<p>Rice. Strong biology department and a good English department. There is no English minor as of yet, but they've added 12 minors in the last 3 years so English might be next. I also know at least one person planning a Biology/English double major (who is, coincidentally, also from Chicago). </p>

<p>I also second the UC suggestions.</p>

<p>Hopkins! Very strong in biology and English. Just a thought :)</p>

<p>Most publics including several mentioned still have some forms of affirmative action. It's just more hidden.</p>