Suggestions for a science guy?

<p>I really want to go to any UC in the top tier, but in the event I get rejected I was wondering what are some good private schools I should also consider? UCSD is my match but I don't want to have only 1 match... I am a California resident and I want to go to a school with good science departments, specifically social sciences (psychology, sociology). I would like to stay in California, but if there are good schools on the east coast I am considering the move. </p>

<p>I am a pretty good student, Sophomore-Junior Year I had a 3.86 UW and 4.23 weighted GPA in academic classes only, and this year I am taking mostly APs and honors courses. I am a very math/science oriented person, so good English/History programs aren't of concern to me. My one-sitting SAT1 score is 2020, and my best individuals are 610 CR, 690 M, 730 Wr. SAT2s = 760 IIC, 750 IC, 690 Chem. I have about 120 hrs volunteering and 160 hrs work experience, and am in a couple clubs this year, nothing spectacular in terms of EC's. I am considering applying to NYU and USC, but what other schools would you recommend as matches/safeties?</p>


<p>UCB/UCLA: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match
UCI/UCD/UCSB: Safe Match
UCSC/UCR/UCM: Safety</p>

<p>thanks for the reply, but i already have some kind of idea where i stand in terms of uc's. i was wondering what private schools are in my range that suit my interests (specifically a really great psych program).</p>

<p>Well if you are talking about psych., no school in the nation can beat Stanford, but im sure if UCSD is your match, Stanford is beyond your level (no offense, but im just being realistic).</p>

<p>There are not many private schools in California (Pepperdine and USC are the most notable ones besides Stanford and CalTech).</p>

<p>But really, UCB, UCLA, and UCSD, these three schools seems to dominate the field of Psychology in California (excluding Stanford). Are you considering any of the LACs as your candidate school?</p>

<p>Pomona maybe a reach to you (if you have a shot at Berkeley, then you would at Pomona also). Why not try Claremont McKenna? It may be a slight reach to you, but it has an EXCELLENT social science department (Economics, Sociology, Poli Sci, Psychology) and is well worth the merit it has earned.</p>

<p>If you really want to Psychology, I STRONGLY recommend you to stay in California, cuz California pwns all other states in psychology.</p>

<p>btw, just tell me.
There are two different kinds of science: Social Science and Natural Science.</p>

<p>Social Science is where you get to study about the human behaviors and focuses on the general principles of Societal mechanism (how the society interacts, how individual thinks and behaves, how the societ is affected by outside influence, etc). </p>

<p>ex. of Social Science: Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology</p>

<p>Natural Science is what the general people view what "real" science is, and they are the ones like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astrononomy, Geology, and all that good stuff ;)</p>

<p>You say you are a science guy. However, these two sciences are TOTALLY different, as a matter of fact, they are almost the opposites to each other. Which science are you more confident with?</p>

<p>Well, I like both natural and social sciences, but after taking AP science courses in high school, I've found I have a much greater affinity for social sciences. I guess I'm not a science person per se, but I really like Psych and I know that the top tier UC's are all great for psych, but I was just looking for other matches and private schools in case I decide I want to go private instead of public. I have considered some LACs, especially the Claremonts, but Pomona seems to lean toward the humanities side. However, I've considered Pitzer as it's focus seems to be on the social sciences, and is not as hard to get into. Do you know anything good/bad about Pitzer that is worth noting? I can't seem to get much information on it as it has a small student population. Also, what about Occidental College? LAC's seem like a good opportunity too, but I'm kind of turned away by the small student body as I'd prefer a medium-large school.</p>

<p>That is what I personally like about the claremont schools-- you get the advantages of LACs (small class sizes, attention from professors and administration, a sense of community, etc.) with the advantages of a medium sized university (lots of resources and opportunities, not too claustrophobic feeling). I believe there are about 5000 students at the colleges all together.</p>

<p>Pitzer is known for its sociology and psychology programs and you'd probably have a very good chance of getting in. It's also known for being a little hippyish, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personality.</p>

<p>at the claremont colleges, do the colleges tend to go their separate ways or do students from the colleges all hang out with each other? if the students do seem to come together, and its more like a 5000 student school, then i'd have more motivation to go to one of the schools. sure having a small population is very good in terms of focus from professors, but i just don't want to have a student population of about 1000. i grew up in a small city and high school with about 1200 students, and i really don't like the small community environment. such a limited number of people to meet, seeing the same people every day...</p>

<p>Almost everyone meets lots of people from the other schools and you can make some good friends at the other schools, especially if you're involved in one of the many 5 college organizations. But the fact is that you're going to have more contact with the people from your own school. There will be a lot of people that you will see everyday. </p>

<p>The claremont colleges can be as big or small as you want them to be. You should probably do a visit though to get a better feel for the size.</p>