summer @ harvard

<p>Hey everyone,</p>

<p>A couple days ago I asked about the difficulty of getting into the stanford summer program, and was pleasently surprised at one point of view that it's not extremely difficult. So, does anyone have any comments about these schools:</p>

<p>harvard summer school
carnegie mellon summer school</p>

<p>I'd assume that the harvard school is pretty hard to get into and most likely out of reach, but...</p>

<p>here is a copy of my stats from the last post</p>

<p>"I'm not very special. I have average grades: all A's and mixed honors classes freshman and sophomore year, APchem, spanish honors, english honors this year (4.5 GPA weighted). Average test scores on PSAT (haven't taken SAT):
77 crit. reading, 74 writing skills, 73 math, and average EC's. Sorry for the brevity, but hopefully you get the idea."</p>

<p>I dont think summer schools generally are easier to get into; you wont be rejected unless you have really crappy stats....</p>

<p>I'm doing the Brown Summer program.</p>

<p>they arent too hard, because they are money making methods (i dont say schemes because many are worthwhile) and its obviously nowhere close to as competitive as applying for admission there. I dont know that going gives you an edge in the admission process later. i had a friend who went to Stanford last summer,and still got rejected EA. and he had all the credentials to be a qualified applicant...</p>

<p>SSP=0% selectivity
you apply, you go
being someone who has attended SSP i would recommend brown summer program. my roommate went to both and he liked brown summer program better. he said brown was more selective... etc</p>

<p>unless you're shooting for the summer programs for diversity at CMU (where they pay for everything, except your math text for the summer academy for math and science/SAMS), then the CMU summer program is not selective at all i think (i'm not completely positive, i went to SAMS). admit rate for SAMS is about 30% (lower for seniors 'coz they save spots for returning applicants), and APEA admit rate under the summer programs for diversity might be lower (unless you went to SAMS the year before).</p>

<p>I was at Harvard's Summer Program last year and it was selective but not incredibly so. There are some genius' in residence who really should be going to RSI down the river and then again there as some people who cannot manage easy work. I think the acceptance rate was about 30% or so, but I honestly don't remember exactly. I know that there are a lot of kids who attend Harvard Summer School then apply to Harvard and are accepted. I don't know whether there is a link but for the number of kids who apply to Harvard, the Summer School kids make up quite a bit of the incoming class. I personally know at least 5 kids accepted EA to Harvard and a number more deferred EA.</p>

<p>i was there last summer too, lauren wat course did you take? where did you live?</p>

<p>Molecular Bio and Introduction to Logic. I was in Straus C, but knew people from every dorm.</p>

<p>Do you actually get high credit for the class you take in summer school @ Havard or Brown or whatever..?</p>

<p>B_B unfortunately, you do not get high credit for the classes, but the schools does the a load of money from you lol.
lauren, i lived in Grays, but my friends were from Straus, do you know Jaewoo and Ja Ann, or Mahmoud (he is from the middle east)</p>

<p>Newby did you say the Brown one was selective? Does that mean if I got invited it's some semi-prestigious thing?</p>

<p>They were in either Straus A or D(I think) I am trying to remember names!!!</p>

<p>If u live in PA, instead of CMU's summer school, apply to the PGSS program instead.</p>

<p>all i know is they were from straus, i think it's C, they(mahmoud and Jaewoo) lived on the top floor, and ja ann lived in A or D :S</p>

<p>Oh yeah duh. They were my entry. They never hung with anyone else from the entry except for, ocassionally, Jesse their suitemate. I never hung with my entry either so doesn't matter. Mahmoud is Jordanian and Jaewoo is Korean, right. Ja Ann I don't remember well but I am having memory issues if I am not completely remembering the kids in my own entry.</p>

<p>yeah Jesse, i remember him, he is ummmm pierced though :S
and the small spikes lol
he freaked me out the first time i saw him
and u were right about the jordanian and the korean, and ja ann is jaewoo's brother
are u planning on going back this year?
i am probably not going back because i am strapped on $ lol</p>

<p>Jesse was a sweet kid though. I don't think that I will go back b/c I am trying to make the Rowing National Team Selection Camp.</p>