Summer Sessions

<p>Can any 1 tell me whatever they know as far as tuition for summer school and how much it is w/ out any financial aid, and how much financial aid they usually offer ( i know it obviously depends on each persons fafsa, but a rough estimate if its usually more financial aid or less compared to the regular school year) THX</p>

<p>Yeah it will pretty much be proportional to the financial aid you get for the regular school year. I.E. - if you get 50% aid in loans, plan on getting that much for summer sessions. It looks like incoming freshmen can get aid for summer now, which is very cool.</p>

<p>1 more thing, does any 1 know if the financial aid given for summer is based on the '05-'06 FAFSA or if its based on the '06-'07 fafsa..... thx</p>

<p>Its based on the new year's fafsa (06-07)</p>