Summer Trash TV - The Bachelorettes?

You were not alone!

I’ve never checked it out before but @ bachelordata on IG is really interesting. She started compiling Bachelor/ette data as a way to learn Excel.

She broke down the timeline of when everything happened, along with clips we were shown, and it sounds like the issues between Rachel & Tino started after Rachel made her guest appearance on BIP (not a spoiler, it was shown in a preview).

Another comment from Tino that Rachel cut off was something about her asking him if he wanted to be the next Bachelor.


I love this kind of brainiac stuff.

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Wow. Strange way to start Bachelor In Paradise. First out of the gate- Hunter sitting on a toilet, talking about her bowel issues! This should be interesting!

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I’ve never watched BIP before. I was warned it would be a lot more risqué than Bachelor/ette

I’ll give it a couple of episodes and see if I can stomach it!

I always loved Michael the dad. They sure are rubbing in his age and dadness!

Hunter’s IBS was revealed/exposed by another contestant roasting her during the Bachelor. Since then, she has become outspoken about her condition.

In previous seasons, the participants seemed to look down on others who had contact or a relationship before the show. This time, I feel that many of them had prior communication. It was almost as if I had missed an episode.

What is the story with Kira and Romeo and Jill? Had they dated previously?