Summer Trash TV - The Bachelorettes?

Certainly lots of drama tonight!


Jimmy Fallon’s news smash in his monologue tonight involved what happened on the Bachelorette tonight! It’s getting real! :smile:

I’d like to see that - wonder if there is a clip out there…

Yeah, DRAMA!!!
Poor Rachel. I can’t help but wonder if they are slanting the sadness/awful luck towards her with the actual outcome that she will be the one who “finds love”. That’s the type of thing this show would do! Tino (?) seems like a pretty good match for her. So glad she finally tossed jerk Hayden out the door. Does Meatball become her hero (sandwich)??? :wink:

Paris sure looked cold and wet!!! I could hear the shiver in Gabby’s voice! Her solo date with Jason (?) gosh, it was awkward to me - he is sooo reserved! He seemed sort of star struck to be out with her. The boxing was dumb but this is the kind of stuff the show does. Gabby actually seemed very comfortable in the ring!

I didn’t get why Rachel was so upset about the guys not approaching here at the boxing ring. I mean, it seemed they entered as a group across the room and her and Gabby sort of looked like “we are watching this on our own together”. I mean that was their buds out there I think it also might have been creepy if one of them was just staring googly eyes at her from across the room.

Logan, Logan, Logan. What will he do? I was sort of surprised he took the rose. He looked like he was about to BURST with uncomfortableness.

Still Team Nate for Gabby. He is SO taken with her. He also sure got a lot of air time tonight during interviews. Maybe he’s the only one who can talk coherently. :slight_smile:


I am visiting the kids so missed last night’s show. I’m tempted to Reality Steve it and choose to forgo the suspense of the season (that was a fantasy suite reference!).

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you took the words out of my mouth; agree with all.

it just seems different than the past though; at this point they barely seem to know the guys, yet they are down to just a handful. i hope rachel gets her happy ending. this is probably not what she expected. all the public rejections. the bachelor franchise always seemed a step up from other reality franchises (if that is possible) - but not too sure about this season.

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I skipped the first episode and am watching the second one now. Definitely different dynamics than previous seasons!

I was trying to see if there was a finale date posted (without being spoilered!) Didn’t find a date but did see that most seasons are 10-13 episodes. Last night was episode 4 - we’ve got a ways to go with not that many guys left! Some chatter has been will they bring in more guys? I don’t see anyone else in the previews that I don’t recognize so I don’t know about that…I feel like the roster of guys this season is WEAKKKKKKK…

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Do you think they are the only ones aboard that cruise ship? doesnt it seem incredibly expensive/unresourcesful to move that ship if there’s just a handful of people on it? I wonder if they feel like they are in The Shining. The empty hotel where strange things go down.


No announcement has been made. Assume you Mid-september, since BIP premieres 9/27.


Yes. Plus Bachelorette crew. At the time of filming, the ship had not made its maiden voyage. At this point, she was basically in pre-launch testing.


So the other people watching the boxing match were the ship’s crew?

I am finding Gabby kind of awkward this season. She laughs, giggles, makes sarcastic jokes but we aren’t seeing much besides that. After Erich and Jason’s dates, maybe there isn’t much to talk about beyond the jokes and her traumatized past.

I think this is editing as well. Chris Harrison used to advise the guys to maximize every opportunity to get to know the lead. I don’t recall Jesse saying that. Last night they had Rachel make that statement. Michelle received a lot of attention when she said that she wanted to be seen by the guys. It seems that production was trying to re-stage that type of scenario. Gabby felt that the guys didn’t care about her when she spontaneously stopped by the mansion. I think she even used the word “seen.” Last night was Rachel’s turn to comment about not being seen. It was odd because Rachel was across the ring from the guys and I can’t see how it was set up for them to approach her. I’m thinking the footage of the guys as a group was when they first walked in. Did they stand clustered like that the entire time or did they eventually sit down? Maybe after they filmed the portion with Gabby and Rachel together, there was opportunity for the guys to walk over and talk to Rachel.

Canceling the cocktail party is getting old. It is happening every season and now multiple times a season. I wonder if it is because of production timing. Maybe they need to start filming the rose ceremony after let’s say 2 hrs and, if the lead spends too much time with the first few conversations, production needs to start wrapping things up.


I agree on let’s stop with the cancelling of the cocktail party. It always sounds like a punishment a child gets served up - “you didn’t clean your plate, so no desert for you”.

Gabby IS sort of awkward - but smart awkward - that’s why she is so lovable! But also it’s early - how much deep conversation can you have with someone after one date?!

I read something that caused me to :thinking:. Is Rachel having a jealous/angry moment whenever Gabby is having a good moment? At the boxing date it was Gabby’s group date. Rachel and her crew just sort of came along for the ride. But it turned into largely a Rachel “whine” moment? (don’t get me wrong I like Rachel - but admittedly have a more fond spot for Gabby).

I have not finished watching the episode, but I’m assuming so. Back during filming there were numerous posts on other sites about bookings being cancelled by the cruise line to accommodate The Bachelorette. So, if true, it does not seem like there were paying passengers on board.

I’m finally catching up on the past several episodes. Yikes! I didn’t like how the guys could reject a rose yet remain in contention for the other person. It didn’t matter in the end, but boy was that awkward.

Nate has reminded me of Michael B Jordan since I first saw him. Unrelated to that (I think?) he’s one of the guys I really like so far.

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I had higher hopes for this season than I’m receiving - it’s too bad that even while changing up the basics (2 vs 1 bachelorette) the rest is churned over and over. That becomes a yawnfest for me. I did love seeing the Virgin Cruises ship - I’ve been following along with those since first announced.

For me it’s not so much a yawnfest as a cryfest. I’ve been watching for years and I don’t think it’s ever made me feel so meh to depressed - it’s feels ike constant crying and self doubt and it barely looks like either Rachel or Gabby are having much fun in general…


I agree - I was just talking with someone about the show and something just isn’t right this season - we’re used to the self doubt but not every episode! And you’re right, there’s very little joy so far.


Another drama filled night. I’ll be surprised if either woman finds real love at the end , but hope I’m wrong.

I think these guys like these women, but also probably don’t want to lose to another guy. It’s an ego thing.

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It’s an ego thing, but the girls are dumping guys too. They asked the guys to be honest and then boo hoo hoo when the guys are honest.

And oh how there are tears this season.