SUNY Albany or Old Dominion? (cs)

<p>hey, i'm new to the site. recently i've received acceptance letters from both the aforementioned colleges. it is my desire to pursue a bachelor's degree in computer science with a focus in security. Could someone tell me which school has a better cs department and job/internship opportunities? these factors will be critical in my decision!</p>

<p>I know graduates of both. Albany is significantly more academic. ODU is much closer to a great beach.</p>

<p>I don’t know anything about recent job placement comparisons.</p>

<p>Albany is in the North so the winters are more harsh. Albany is likely a bit more studious. Old Dominion is in the south, near the beach and bit more free-spirited it seems. Both are schools on the rise. I live near ODU. Its going places with their sports program and campus is growing and pretty nice. One side of campus is kind of sketch but the rest is fine. I know lots of people who go there and like it.</p>