Supplemental Creative Writing?

<p>My S, a senior, is confused whether or not to send in supplemental creative writing. The GC feels the essay is outstanding, and worries that more writing, however good, could dilute the effect. He has never published or submitted his work to anyone but his creative writing and English teachers, but these teachers (and professional writer friends who have seen the work)have fallen over themselves with praise. Some of the schools he is applying to have said to send in the work and that a writing professor at the school would look at it. Is other people's opinion, is there a possible down side to this? Am anxious to know your thoughts. Thanks.</p>

<p>Usually colleges say to send in a supplement if it's of genuine quality, which in this case it seems like it definitely is. Writing reveals a bit of your personality, which is the whole part of the application essay- a writing supplement should help rather than hurt.</p>