Syracuse,Wake Forest, UMiami

<p>I have gotten into Syracuse, Virginia Tech, UNH and UVM. I was waitlisted at Clemson, Umiami, BU, Wake Forest and Trinity... I was wondering the pros and cons of each school. I think i have narrowed down my options to Syracuse, Wake Forest and UMiami. If I get off the waitlist at UMiami and Wake Forest, what should i choose!? Help, any advice on pros and cons of these schools would be great :] Thanks!</p>

<p>I don't want to appear overly negative - but I think you should focus your thought on the schools where you are accepted. I don't see the point in mulling over the pros and cons of Wake Forest and Miami if you are WL at both. You have good options - focus on those.</p>

<p>wake forest is the best school on your list. but i am attending su! its a great school!</p>

<p>I'm sorry that you didn't get into Clemson. </p>

<p>Where did you end up going?</p>