taking a 6th major off your college app

<p>When I sent colleges my transcript, is it possible to exclude a 6th major class? Assuming that the class would bring up my GPA so it isn't considered cheating. The reason for this is because my parents want me to take 2nd year Chinese however I don't think this would make my course load look rigorious to colleges since I am listing Chinese as one of my home languages and what not. Therefore, if I exclude it, it would make my transcript look better since I am taking 2 APs next year (3 if I don't get into Chinese as my 6th major.)</p>

<p>You are overthinking issues. Colleges won't think you're a sloucher just because you take Chinese. Also, high schools will not remove a course you have taken in high school from your official transcript sent to colleges. Moreover, colleges require you to submit all your courses and grades taken in high school (exept possibly for courses they consider uselessfor college evalaution such as PE, driver's ed, health or vocational course such as typing). In other words, purposefully trying to conceal a language course could result in your being rejected by a college if it learns of the offense.</p>

<p>haha yea your right, maybe i am overthinking. just really worried about colleges like every other incoming junior. thanks for the response tho.</p>