Taking Ap World History with other APs

This year I’m taking AP:
Macroeconomics(self study)
Microeconomics(self study)
C Mechanics(school)
Calculus AB(school)
But I want to take one more AP class which will make it a total of 5 APs since micro and macro are counted as one. I’m a really science person but my major is something like business or finance so I want to take a humanities AP. How would it be if I took AP world history self studying. I have a lot time to study for it. I just got the Barron’s book from my friend and I’m really thinking of doing it. Of you have self-studied or took the exam, can you help me? I’m really good with memorization and also I am a really organized person. Last year I self studied for Bio but some colleges do not count APs done before the last 2 years of high school.

I am currently self-studying AP World and you should be fine as long as you have somewhat of a background in World History (I had WH freshman year and APUSH as a sophomore). The only issue would be the essays. If you have a teacher that would be willing to read them that would be good (I do) it’s a major help since they’re weighted so high on the exam.

I took the AP world exam but I also took the class, and I found the exam to be extremely easy. Make sure you are consistent with your studying since it can be hard to keep up especially since you are taking five APs. Also, look at the released previous prompts for essays as they reuse them every 2-3 years. You’ll do great!

@inspirational13 how’d you do on the exam? (I’m kind of nervous as well)

I got a 5! You seem like a bright student, so you should be fine. If I were you, I would create a schedule to stay on track with self-studying. Make sure to use the college board website as they have helpful tools. Take practice tests and get comfortable with the limited timing. Good luck with everything!