Talk to me about your bed

May be outside what you want to spend but I like a firmer mattress and have been happy with the saatva classic. I purchased an inexpensive frame from Amazon so no need for a box spring (potential savings there). All cotton sheets. Also I used to wake up with headaches and tightness in my neck some mornings. About 6 months ago I bought a Pancake Pillow on Amazon and haven’t had a problem since. It comes with 6 inserts and you decide how many are right for you. The bonus for me is that 3 were ‘just right’ so I now have two pillows for the (admittedly not inexpensive) price of one. Good luck in your quest!


We have mostly just bough pillows at Costco, sometimes Ross or Sam’s Club.

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Mattress: innerspring, foam or hybrid–(Innerspring. Foam mattresses are hot. I’m menopausal/post. The biggest problem sleep-wise for me is waking up drenched in sweat, and foam mattresses retain heat.)
Box spring: yay or nay? (YAY. I like a firm mattress with a lot of support. Box springs help.)
What’s a great pillow for side and stomach sleepers? (Not a stomach sleeper because my neck cricks. But you can buy pillows designated for the way you sleep.)
Sheet thread count? (High and when you wash, use wool dryer balls to beat up and soften fibers. The perfectly soft yet dense sheets will take some time).

I have a Zinus 6 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. I like a very firm mattress. This one is slightly softer than the floor (slight exaggeration). I got it in 2017, and still love it! It is very supportive, and because it is firm, I don’t sink down into it so it stays cool.

I’m a side sleeper, and the best pillow I’ve found is The Big One at Kohl’s. It’s also memory foam, and is firm and supportive. It would not work well for stomach sleepers, though, as it would be too high and firm for comfort.

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Inexpensive option: I bought an Ikea spring mattress (firm), that I thought would be temporary. But it is now 4 years later, and I still like it. It may not last long, as it is starting to lose support on the edge where I sometimes sit. But for $250, I couldn’t go wrong. It is on an adjustable slatted platform frame, with plywood on the frame to better distribute the weight, and covered with a simple egg-crate foam topper, and substantial mattress pad.

My husband and I have a temperpedic, but my son and several others we or he know have purchased the Purple bed within the last couple of years. My son LOVES the Purple sheets he got at the same time he got his bed. I think they are bamboo. They are a pain to wash (have to be air dryer apparently), but he won’t use any others now.

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We splurged on a Sleep Number bed several years ago and are still quite pleased with it. (If anyone is shopping there and thinking about the adjustable angle feature, get the split king. Otherwise one partner might need the head higher, but then the side-sleeping partner is stuck with contortions that guarantee a back ache. )
If you like down pillows we buy the down pillow 2packs from Costco for all the beds in the house. They wash up well even though they take a while to dry. I run two in the dryer with tennis balls until the dryer thinks they are done, then wait several hours and repeat. They stay nice and fluffy for years, beating out cheaper pillows in the long run.

Hope you find what works for you, a good night’s sleep is so important.


We have a wooden platform bed. We have a 100% latex foam mattress. Very heavy but but my wife is allergic to lots of chemicals. This is a firm mattress but we like it. Purchased from

We have very high quality cotton sheets from Costco. Sable alternative down pillows purchased from amazon. [Can’t have down due to my wife’s allergies].

I had bamboo sheets once and really liked them. However, it is the only sheet I ever had that I wore out within a year. I think I rubbed my feet back and forth and it wore a big hole in that spot.

I’ve always used pretty expensive sheets (got a set from Dayton’s and loved them, figured I spent at least 8 hour a day in them and it I was worth it). I liked the bamboo, but they didn’t last like the cotton ones.

When I win the lottery, I’m having a maid iron my sheets every week.


The cleaners where we used to live ironed sheets. Sigh. None of the ones where we live now do. I still miss it…

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We have a king Beautyrest Black mattress and splurged on an adjustable bed - perfect for watching TV or reading in bed. If I’ve been on my feet all day sometimes just raising my knees a few inches takes the pressure off my back.

We bought Cariloha bamboo sheets and were very disappointed - while they were very soft, they stretched out after a couple of nights.

maryBarbara, same mattress!! I was going to add that I bought the adjustable frame at the same time. I was injured in a car accident, and it was great to keep my neck and back elevated. FYI, if you have a note from a MD, there is no tax

My son bought a Leesa hybrid mattress and was so in love with it (after a year) that we bought one also (but went one step higher to Leesa Legend). They’re about 2K for king size. It is absolutely fabulous. Not hot at all (something I worried about). Doesn’t need boxspring (but we set it up on top of our old one and it seems to do fine).
They have free returns for 100 days (people come get it) if you don’t like it for some reason. Ours came with 2 alternate down pillows which are great for back and side sleepers.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who held on to their mattress too long. I got more exercise at night tossing and turning than I did during the day. And I guess the main reason was I was afraid of getting a too hard mattress like we did the 15 years or more ago.

We have awful mattresses and have debated the saatva for a long time now. For us, it’s just SO much money that I haven’t been able to pull the trigger. We move so often and I never know what’s gonna fit in our next place- we’ve had everything from a full to a Cali king fit in our bedroom and have to get new mattresses too often to splurge. My friends who own saatvas swear by them though. I think I’ll own one someday!

Curious where you live? Most (not all) stores here offer free removal and disposal of old mattress if you order a new one through them.

We are thinking of a new mattress. Our friends with Purples and Caspers love them. $$$. As long as we have a fairly firm mattress we’re good so not sure we will go that high.

Our main issue is that my husband loves cold crisp cotton sheets and I like warm soft sheets.

Michigan. It was really disappointing. The chain was ArtVan which I will call out for their terrible customer service. Not surprised that they went out of business

“I can confirm that trying at the hotel is a safe way to know that you will like what you get.” - That actually may work really well now that I am retired from my IT-ish job (24x7 systems, possibility of night time callouts). When I was working, all travel was personal vacation … and without the threat of pager alerts, any hotel bed provided better sleep than home bed.

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Timely thread. We splurged and ordered ourselves a King Tempur-pedic a while back, it’s finally in and will be delivered next Tuesday. Hope we like it…we sure did in the showroom!


What I find so helpful about hotels for sleeping is their blackout curtains. We invested in blackout shades for our bedroom, and it made a huge difference. Not saying not to get the mattress, but you might find that blackout shades/curtains get you most of the way there, and are likely to be much less expensive.