Talk to me about your bed

Yes! There are so many annoying glowing flashing lights these days! I can sleep with the TV on, but a variety of glows around a dark room will keep me up. I’ve even put a piece of paper over the time on my alarm clock because it’s so bright, I lift it to see the time. I find the blue lights to be the most disturbing.

Back on topic, I noticed this winter that our mattress is fine when I’m alone but when my husband is in the bed I feel like I’m rolling down a hill. Turning it put me in the hole which reduced the frequency of falling dreams. Following this discussion as I dread having to buy a new mattress.

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One suggestion for sheets (and bath towels too, honestly!) Sam’s Club Member’s Mark 450 percale are wonderful for what they cost. Very smooth and w/o the almost plastic-y feel some sheets can have. I used to only buy 500+ percale from Wamsutta but they are so expensive. I had to buy a set of sheets quickly when we moved so I grabbed a set from Sams. They were so nice, that I bought several more sets. They’ve all held up really well.

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I love my IKEA firm spring mattress too.

I have these and love them too. Just bought another pair for my second bedroom.

I read that one sleeps better with no electronics in the bedroom. My H has problems falling asleep—we got rid of the tv, clock radio, and phone. We do have a cell phone in the master bath adjoining the bedroom, but don’t use it before bed. Also, it’s a pretty minimalist bedroom. The only furniture is the bed plus two chairs and a reading lamp.

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We have a split king sleep number bed at home and use extra-long twin sheets on the bottom and king flat on top. We’ve both bought them individually and in sets. Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Costco have the sets online.

Anyone else have the issue of top sheets and blankets not being wide enough to really tuck in? The mattresses aren’t especially thick, but the overhang is barely enough to tuck. It drives me nuts!

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I bought a couple of inexpensive dimmable display alarm clocks on Amazon, one with USB ports on the back.

Am I the only one who sleeps in a black silk sleep mask? I used to be bothered by any light in the bedroom at all. I really hate the look of blackout drapes like the ones in hotels and anyway my husband insists on having all sorts of electronic equipment in the bedroom with all of the various colored lights. I don’t remember what made me try the sleep mask; probably one of those articles on how to get a decent nights sleep. Anyway, once I tried it I’ve never looked back. I never have to worry when we’re sleeping in someone’s guest room or in a resort; once the mask is in place there could be floodlights in the room and I’d never notice them. It’s really life changing.
Also, I’ve always been a fan of high thread count cotton percale sheets. Then last summer I bought a set of linen sheets and now I don’t want to sleep on anything else. Somehow, they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter while being incredibly soft and comfy. They have also been life changing.


I would love to try a Casper bed.

We have no shades or curtains on our bedroom windows at all. Our bedroom faces the woods in the back of our house…no houses behind us at all. We really like the light and don’t mind it waking us in the morning.

Sheets…OY. We had a very lively thread about those a long while ago. The ones I tried and loved were Wamsutta sheets that were crisp but smooth. I loved them. But I don’t think they even make that model any longer @JustaMom5465 am I Correct? I got them at BBB and had a couple of sets. I’d love to replace them, but haven’t found anything like them…yet.

I’ll show my age big time, but my wife and I have a waterbed. I bought the frame and pedestal back in 1981. We are on our 4th matteres for it. It is filled with foam of varying densities so as to provide support where it needs it. It is about 99% waveless and we also have a 2 inch thick pad on top of it.

I can’t get a better night’s sleep on anything else. We can raise or lower the temperature on it (you have to have a heater or you’ll freeze) to accommodate the seasons (we are talking only a degree or two).

The only problem is the weight of the bed for some floors and it is an art form to get out of it in the morning.


We have liked our 1990ish tubed, soft sided water bed (no heater needed). Our prior waterbed was only about 6 years old when it had slow leak, got moldy. Over the years we replaced a few leaky tubes, but none in the past decade or so. The soft side walls have seen better days… it is time for new bed. Will be watching this thread!

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1980 platform waterbed with full waves. Replaced many times the heater and the bladder through the years, repaired the frame, but the same one. H says it’s why we both don’t have arthritis or at least we don’t know it if we do. Kids find the bed humorous. Sleep in around 65 degrees room air year round. The bed is warmed by the heater.

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For those with memory foam beds, do you have trouble with sheet not staying snug? We recently purchased a Beautyrest Black Hybrid mattress; can’t say I love it or hate, it is just a mattress. As it is only 13.5" deep, my sheet, while old, are a bit big on it. After a night of sleep, the mattress pad and bottom sheet are bunched up in places, so I almost have to remake the bed every morning. Because the top of the mattress is flat, without tufting, everything slides on it.

I guess I should try to find a mattress pad and sheet that don’t have deep pockets so that the fit would be tighter. Any other suggestions?

This is not a brag, but rather a vent. My ex-husband bought a Shifman mattress for 10K. It is hand knotted, hand made, etc. I sleep pretty well on it, but I sleep just as well on a 3K mattress. One thing I do not like about this mattress is it is so thick I have a hard time finding a fitted King sheet for it.

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I think you’re correct, I haven’t seen them. I have been pretty happy with :dart: target sheets lately, I’ve tried the organic cotton as well as the percale, not bad!

They wamsutta ones that we loved were called “perfect pinpoint” iirc. Maybe you can find them on eBay or something…

many years ago (mid-90s) we inherited a motionless water bed from a friend. It was amazing. Unfortunately, we managed to ruin it (foam separated) when attempted to move it to a new apartment.


Brookstone memory foam mask. Total darkness. I gagged at the price but got one in an airport once, having forgotten my mask, and have never looked back.


I’ve gotten the Target sheets as well.

Re: sheets and memory foam…my memory foam Tempurpedic has a cover on it that is not slippery at all. But mine is a very thin mattress…first generation 15 years old. Most of the sheets now are just way too deep for my thin bed. When we initially purchased it, we were happy because we didn’t have to buy all new linens.

I just tuck the bottom sheet in.

I liked the Target Threshold 300TC percale sheets which now appear to be discontinued; I really appreciated being able to buy individual sheets. My favorites before Target were Wamsutta percale and Royal Velvet sateen, but sateen is too hot and slippery for me now.

I too have the beauty rest Black mattress. My sheets all have deep pockets, so I have no trouble at all with them sliding. I buy the Hudson brand at Bloomies