TAMU ETAM statistics

@pbleigh has it always been like that or are they just now doing it as a way to make more space for certain majors? I know computer science is doing it

@currenteagle I can’t speak for how it was before my son started in 2017, but since he has been at A&M there definitely have been majors that said if you want them you need to pick them in the first round. Those majors have changed though, back in 2017 computer science was not that popular but BMEN was for example. The issue really comes down to there being many more kids going through ETAM each year with all the academies and Galveston included and growing in size, and the department sizes not changing that much.


Do you remember what the external admission percentages were? I trying to transfer to Computer engineering

@sebastian281172 I am assuming when you say external admission with a transfer you mean that you are trying to transfer into TAMU from outside the TAMU system. Based on that, here is the numbers of students that were admitted for an external transfer for both Computer Engineering CS track and EE track by semester.
Spring 2020 (data still preliminary) - 1 transfer
Fall - 2019 - 2
Spring 19 - 1
Fall 18 - 2
Spring 18 - 2
Fall 17 - 5
Spring 17 - 3
Fall 16 - 2

Spring 2020 ( data is still preliminary) - 8 transfers
Fall 2019 - 11
Spring 19 - 0
Fall 18 - 18
Spring 18 - 12
Fall 17 - 13
Spring 17 - 7
Fall 16 - 15
Spring 16 - 5

do you guys think that covid-19 will impact ETAM especially if the pandemic is still around during fall 2020?

From a Texas Public Information Act Request the ETAM Data from 2018-2020 is finally public.
A quick glance at the data shows how bad this data looks for TAMU.

From the fall 2020 chart, admission rates for those not meeting the auto-entry college GPA:

0.0% Computer Engineering CECN
0.0% Computer Engineering CEEN
4.7% Computer Science
8.7% Biomedical Engineering
18.1% Mechanical Engineering
34.0% Civil Engineering
35.6% Aerospace Engineering
50.0% Interdisciplinary Engineering
60.0% Environmental Engineering
81.8% Architectural Engineering
86.7% Electrical Engineering
100.0% Biological / Agricultural Engineering
100.0% Chemical Engineering
100.0% Electronic Systems Engineering Technology
100.0% Industrial and Systems Engineering
100.0% Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
100.0% Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology
100.0% Material Science and Engineering
100.0% Nuclear Engineering
100.0% Petroleum Engineering

So the %'s you have listed are Third Semester ETAM for entering Freshmen of Fall 2019.

Fall 2019 - First Semester
Spring 2020 - Second Semester
Fall 2020 - Third Semester

The Fall 2020 (Sophomores at this point) students did not qualify for acceptance in their Second Semester ETAM. Do we assume this “delay” placed them at an extraordinary disadvantage to enter their major in comparison to Second Semester ETAM students?

Spring 2020 could be either second semester (fall 2019 frosh) or fourth semester (fall 2018 frosh).

Combining the spring 2020 and fall 2020 percentage selected non-automatically to first choice majors:

Major Spring 2020 Fall 2020
CECN 0.0% 0.0%
BMEN 0.0% 8.7%
CPSC 7.4% 4.7%
CEEN 69.2% 0.0%
MEEN 30.2% 18.1%
AERO 56.0% 35.6%
CVEN 66.7% 34.0%
EVEN 84.6% 60.0%
AREN 62.5% 81.8%
ELEN 82.9% 86.7%
CHEN 80.6% 100.0%
PETE 88.9% 100.0%
INEN 95.0% 95.0%
IDIS 98.7% 100.0%
ITDE 100.0% 100.0%
BAEN 100.0% 100.0%
ESET 100.0% 100.0%
MMET 100.0% 100.0%
MXET 100.0% 100.0%
MSEN 100.0% 100.0%
NUEN 100.0% 100.0%
OCEN 100.0% 100.0%

Good point on 2nd, 3rd, 4th semesters. I’d love to sit and have somebody from A&M explain what they see in all this.

@pbleigh said “A quick glance at the data shows how bad this data looks for Tamu”

Are you referring to Computer Engineering/Science data, whereby if someone is not an auto admit, they will not get in? Appreciate your insight…

@Eggscapgoats There seems to be a lot of disappointing updates in this data set. TAMU claims that 91% were place in their first or second choice major in Spring 2020 and 85% their first choice. I haven’t run the numbers to see how they arrived at that but it seems that many of the majors that few kids select in the first round are propping up the majors where very low percentages gain admittance. For example, both BMEN and CECN took zero kids in the first round holistic; CPSC 7%, MEEN 30%. So if your kid went to TAMU to study one of those majors and did not get 3.5 (soon to be 3.75) they would be placed in something else or have to wait to the Fall where the chances are worse. There are several majors that have been filling up with auto entry and having very little if any other admits after that. Those same majors seem to take no one past the first holistic rounds, so if you have your heart set on BMEN for example you best make that auto admit GPA. It also looks like the sizes of the popular departments have expanded in the last few years but not enough to satisfy student demand. It seems that the least popular departments get little to no admits until the later rounds which means that TAMU is forcing some kids through ETAM into departments they do not necessarily want to keep them funded. My guess is that if they did not do that they would have to remove some. It also shows that the most ETAM slots are available in the Spring and if they had a big auto admit pool in the spring they have much less spots available for the following Fall ETAM.


Thank-you for your insight. Curious to know the definition of the footnote by number eligible?

In looking at AREN Spring 2020…

Automatic Entry 1st choice major - 24 eligible (there is a footnote by number eligible, but I can’t find the definition), but only 15 selected. Why not 24 selected if they are automatic entry to their first choice major?

I too am curious about the footnote. Also, I wonder how the pass/fail due to Covid impacted the Spring 2020 numbers, and perhaps Fall 2020.

Yes, agree with others that the automatic-entry percentages being less than 100% is strange-looking, and may have to do with the not-visible footnote for the “number eligible”.

@ucbalumnus @Eggscapgoats Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I was at A&M today at my oldest son’s graduation. I am guessing here, but I think this refers to the total of students that selected that particular major for one of their 3 choices. When my son did ETAM even though you were going to be auto admit you still had to select 3 majors. So in your example I am guessing that 24 students selected AREN for one of their 3 choices but only 15 of them had it as their first choice.

Oh, that is so exciting! Congratulations to your son and your whole family! You have obviously played a huge role in his success by helping him (and many of us over the years) to figure out the ins and outs of Tamu.

Fascinating take on the footnote - does make it hard to truly calculate statistics. Like @ucbalumnus and @MackAg , I want to see auto 1st choice placement be 100%.

Graduation is always a fun time!! Congratulations.

Do you have a link to the ETAM Data you posted? Nothing comes up in a search, so I’m curious as to where this is displayed.

@Eggscapgoats Thank you! There were many Mom’s on this forum that helped us out when my oldest was just starting out so I like to pay it forward and post the information I get along the way. I won’t be going anywhere too soon though because my oldest will be graduating again next May with his Masters and my youngest son starts this Fall.

I do believe everyone that has auto admit does get into the major. If you look at the data for Spring 2020 there is evidence of that. In Spring 2020 they gave the kids the opportunity to Pass/Fail up to two of their ETAM required classes which greatly inflated the grades for that semester and ETAM. If you look, two majors completely filled up after auto admit kids and couldn’t even take one kid during the Holistic review first round. It also affected their Fall 2020 ETAM in that they had far fewer spots then normal because their department had well more kids then they had teachers to support.

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You will not find the ETAM data that I posted on any TAMU site because they stopped publishing that data on their websites in 2017. An engineering student did a Texas Public Information Act, the equivalent of a FOIA in Texas, and got the information and then posted it on the Aggie Reddit.