Teacher/counselor Rec, Midyear ...all that crap

<p>im confused about all these</p>

<p>for the teacher/counselor recs,</p>

<p>what's the different b/w a rec letter and the Teacher/counselor evaluation form?</p>

<p>Midyear ? wth is that?
do i just give it to my high school and it will take care of it.
and do i mail the midyear report separately?</p>

<p>The Teacher will probably fill out an evalutaion form in addition to writing a recommendation letter.</p>

<p>The counselor rec's is a form that your GC fills out and sends to the college with the school profile, and your 1st marking period grades (if your are applying ED/EA) or your midyear grades (for RD)</p>

<p>You should organize your self and give the teachers the rec forms for each school (or if you are doing the common App, then the common app form, so they can fill it out once and make copies)</p>

<p>The same with the guidance counselor, you must give them the rec form for each school, they fill it our and mail it with the profile and your transcript</p>

<p>Don't wait until the last minute to do this because incompleted packages are usually in limbo</p>

<p>Mid year report should be given to the counselor after your first semester grades come out (Jan? Feb?) along with a certified transcript. Remember to give them an addressed, stamped envelope so that they can just pop it into the mail after they are done.</p>