Teacher evaluation vs Counselor recommendation


<p>can anyone explain to me, what's the difference between those two? I'm prospective international student and have no idea what these letters should contain. I mean, I know that one of them should praise my personality, my attitude towards peers and so on and the other one should say "he is intelligent because of sth", "he's helpful because", but I don't know which.
Or am I completely wrong. Help, please.</p>

<p>why the heck are you writing your own LORs?</p>

<p>This really isn't something you should be worried about since you're not the one writing them. That said, a teacher recommendation pertains to how you behave in the classroom whereas a counselor recommendation will often pull together 'in house' recommendations (informal evaluations sent in my multiple people- teachers, club advisers, coaches, etc.) to try to paint an overall picture of you; the counselor recommendation should also explain any extenuating circumstances that you have faced. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>Yes, that helps a lot. Thanks. And well, I'm not writing lors, but since they are rarity in my country I needed to know what to ask my teachers.</p>

<p>Look here
Writing</a> Recommendations | MIT Admissions</p>

<p>While it's for MIT, the advice given is useful</p>