Texas A&M University Class of 2027

We got admissions to Mays today, and was able to apply to housing!! It just randomly popped in there so keep refreshing!



Is there a certain tab or icon that indicated you could apply? Just not sure what We are looking for.

You can log in and out of the housing portal without fear! I have checked it a few times with no problem!

@52AG82 Yes, I see the “have been admitted”. Having difficulty navigating “I n the meantime, you are encouraged to apply for on-campus housing at http://myhousing.tamu.edu/.” Not sure how to apply for housing.

Keep checking all the buttons. Finally we got a 2nd tab on the housing portal that said “Housing Application” and I went ahead and filled/ paid because D23 is under 18.


@voda2013 no idea how to help (sounds like it has changed slightly since 2018). If you can’t get in, call ResLife and ask for help. It’s critical to apply as early as possible-for best selection time in spring.
It’s a 2 step process, you have to pay, so don’t stop until you get a confirmation email.


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This is what the 2nd tab looked like that allowed us to complete the application.


I confirmed via chat, they are doing it in batches so they must not have yours loaded yet. One of the times you refresh it may just be there, but it is likely going to be overnight.

You are SOOOO close. Just breathe :wink:

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My son was just able to apply for housing about one hour after being told by ResLife that it would be 2-3 days.

Keep checking frequently for the application to open for your student!!!


WHOOP!!! The twins got their formal acceptances!!! Twin 1 will be waiting for Engineering Review of course, and Twin 2 is in for Mays!! Moving on to housing deposits now!


Congrats to everyone! So happy for you all.

Phase 1 housing completed for both Twins!


Phase 1 of my housing app is done now I just have to wait for Phase 2!


Hi my son is wondering what phase you get to pick housing, like specific dorms. Does anyone have any insight on what dorms are best, close to Mays?!!

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Oh dear… let me just say that’s gonna be like end of April or May. It’s the last phase.

Mays is on west campus so the only dorms there are White Creek apartment style. I wouldn’t worry too much about being close to Mays. As a freshman, they are all over the place for classes. West Campus is the further away from the action, but still a great dorm all the way around.


Oh my goodness!!! Congrats!! My son, Roland got into mays as well today. Are y’all looking for a roomate?

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Congrats to your son!!! My son does not have a roommate yet, I would love to connect them!!! Moms should we start a thread for roommate connections?!

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Yes!! That’s a fabulous idea!!!

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I was able to complete Housing Application Phase 1. Thanks to all for the help/guidance/support!
Does one need to do Phase 2 (opens on 9/27) or is that optional and one can do it in April/May time frame ?


There are some YouTube videos (link) regarding phase 2. It was attached to one of the housing confirmation letter (in their housing portal) under their information ( I think). I would refer to that and make sure the date on the 27th isn’t an assigned time for your student. They do this with schedules sometimes :woman_shrugging:t3:. They may have links on the resident housing page as well.

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