Texas A&M University Class of 2027

Here is the link for phase 2….


@voda2013 yay!! Definitely fill out the phase 2, then phase 3…but just know it does not matter what dorms you list/rank. No one even knows why they ask that. List whatever, doesn’t matter.
What matters is time stamp Housing deposit was paid…you’ll get a PRIME dorm selection time in the spring! (You got confirmation of submission, correct??)
Don’t try to find a dorm near Mays, you may only have 1-2 classes over there freshman year. Classes will literally be all over campus.

@GpPsych phase 2 is just a formality, nothing special. They will ask you to list/rank 2 dorms…doesn’t mean a thing. It all boils down to your dorm selection time in April or May, and what beds/dorms are available then (you’ll have your pick, paying Housing deposit this early).

Any holistic review confirmations or is it auto admit only for now?

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@FriscoDad and @ChristiR93 - do you all know the phases historically when they release engineering reviews? Thank you both for all you do! :+1:

I’ll look at my office tomorrow. I have it written down. Friscodad may know off the top of his noggin tho! He’s good with stuff like that!!


@52AG82 Got the email : “Phase 1 is complete”. Thanks for the dorm advice. Do you have an estimate of when Business Honors Admit results get released ? It says by Feb 15. Seems like they start releasing them early Nov…is that correct ?

@voda2013 great job on dorm deposit!

BH starts notifying in early November-end of January. A packet/large envelope in the mail = acceptance; letter in the mail = ‘thanks for applying’.

Got it, chill for now. Start looking for large envelope (hopefully) in November :grinning:

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For auto-admit students engineering review is currently in process and can release any time in batches. For review-admit engineering students, normally starts after Oct 15 early action date.


Does anyone know when the formal letter and banner come in? I know it’s just a formality and everything but it is cool to get it. The AIS says the letter sent at 4 am so I’m hoping that’s when they mailed mine. Shouldn’t take forever if that’s the case, I’m in South Texas. (Corpus Christi area)

Banner can take 2-3 weeks.

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Has everyone that has official acceptance letters been able to register for housing? I understand there were some issues yesterday.

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Yes, we were able complete Ph 1 of housing immediately.

when was that? I have a friend in the housing office so just trying to give some feedback

It was yesterday

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My daughter is at Mays and lives in Hullaballoo. She takes the bus to West Campus.

Last year my daughter got it 10/7 in the mail.

@Rford5 walking to Wehner from Hullabaloo is faster than catching a bus. If she’s got classes in other WC buildings, a bus is better, but quick walk to Wehner from Hullabaloo.

Every year admitted students/parents will stress about dorm life. Please know that once you complete phase 1 in a timely manner, all else will fall into place. Do your research on the different dorm life (locations/style/cost), but don’t stress about it. It always works out. No one and I mean noon has ever come back on here in May or the following fall to complain. The students figure IT out whatever IT is.

So yay!

I’m gonna to start a new thread for admitted students/parents to declutter this one for those holistic review applicants. :heart: