Texas Academy of Math and Science!!! :)

<p>I'm trying to get into TAMS (Texas Academy of Math and Science).
Is my application fit for it?</p>

<p>SAT Details-</p>

Critical Reading- 600</p>

<p>How can I improve these to all SAT scores of over 700 in 2 months? For math I reaaly need a 750-800 score for TAMS, but how can I in 2 months? Also, which SAT book has the best practice tests?</p>

<p>GPA: 4.34/5
Rank- 3/578
Over 75+ volunteer hours</p>

<p>Activities- Debate, Scripps National Spelling Bee Club, Whiz Quiz Trivia Competition, Learning About Science/Engineering Research Club, Robotics Club, etc.</p>

<p>Awards-Skipped 8th grade year through Credit by Exam, Highest Humanities Average, Duke Tip Talent Recognition Search State Award , Academic Excellence in Pre-IB Honors Geometry, Academic Excellence in Pre-IB Honors Biology, Academic Excellence in Pre-IB Honors French, Academic Excellence in Humanities, etc.</p>

<p>So what are my chances for TAMS, and how can I effectively raise my SAT scores, especially math, to a 750-800 range in 2 months?</p>

<p>I’m thinking of TAMS too, but I’m in 8th grade. I still have a lot of time to prepare, but I’m not doing so well. I’m studying for the SAT too and I’m practicing on a site for tests like the SAT, ACT, etc. ww.majortests.com/sat is the site for the SAT. You can always go around the site for extra practice. After you go to the site, click the tab on the left that says
8-week plan. It’s what I’m following and it really helps you. I am not sure about the “raising the score” 'cause I haven’t taken the SAT yet. I plan to take it in another 5 weeks, so I could tell you if it really raises your score. I’ve also tried SAT Kaplan books. I haven’t done “the blue book” yet, but I really want to (my curiosity is piqued ^_^). I don’t have a lot of things to list in the extra curricular section because I’m really really really (really) shy. It’s why I was really skeptical of TAMS first. I’d met a few TAMSters and I was really scared. I’m still scared, even more so now. But I think my fear is mainly because I’m not used to being around people unlike me. But, I just have to suck it up I guess. Many people think I’m a university student, ask me if I graduated from Harvard, or ask me if I could tutor their high school kid (I’m a middle schooler). Today, I’ve met 3 people who asked me to tutor their child, and 3 times I’ve seen a look of pure disbelief. My mom tells me its the look on my face and what I’ve been through (it was a lot of hospitals and medicines). Each time I feel bad to tell them I’m a middle schooler. </p>

<p>Anyway, please get back to me about TAMS. I would really love to chat with you!!! I’m usually not this formal, so don’t think I’m some arrogant little princess. That’d be my friend. No one around me has heard of TAMS and I really want to gather as much of information as I can about preparing for TAMS. Thank you!!!</p>


<p>I go to a school similar to TAMS, but in Kentucky (we are on Western Kentucky University’s campus). I’m not sure how rigorous admissions is at TAMS (we admit ~55-60 each year with ACT scores averaging a 30). For our application, the section that has a lot of weight is the Math section of ACT/SAT. For that reason, I suggest boosting your Math score on SAT. But overall, your SAT is pretty weak. I suggest either A) trying the ACT, or B) studying VERY hard on it.
Also, on another note, assess your interests. Decide if TAMS is really for you. I know some people that underestimated our school or weren’t really ready for it. But it this is what you want to do, take a shot it at. Maybe you are going to be one of the lucky few people to get accepted.</p>

<p>Hello! I think you have a pretty good chance at TAMS. As a point of reference, I was accepted (class of 2013) with a 1960 SAT (can’t remember exact breakdown, but high 700 for math). I didn’t have any hooks (my ECs were marching/concert band and volunteering). I may have had an advantage since I come from the Panhandle, and not many people apply from there. good luck!</p>

<p>Oh, to answer your question about SAT prep books, I used Barron’s, Sparknotes (the SAT section of their site), and Kaplan :)</p>