The absence of affirmative action and the UC/T System

Go to the collegeboard website and simultaneously open up the “at a glance” pages for all University of California schools. Scroll down and take a look at the student body.

All schools have about 20,000 undergraduates. You should notice that Asians make up over forty percent of the student body in all campuses except for Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. Even then, they are around twenty percent.

Take a look at the Hispanic student body. It’s about fifteen percent in all campuses.

If you take a look at the University of Texas schools, similar percentages arise, although in Texas the percentages are higher for Hispanics than Asians. Nonetheless, the average size of the UT Campus is still around 20,000, and there is a high percentage of minorities in all of them.

Neither the UC system nor the UT system uses affirmative action. Race is not a factor in admissions. And, without race, Hispanics and Asians flourish.

Then, take a look at the University of Georgia or UMass-Amherst.

The numbers speak for themselves.

<p>on the UCSD website, I read that in 2003 the average SAT score was about 1260 for the people admitted. But then I looked at the Mexican-American average SAT score, and it was only 1100. I can't complain, I want to go to UCSD and I'm a Mexican with only a 1230 SAT. I think UCSD wants to have Hispanics make up at least 10% of the student body.</p>