The "Bag A Week" Club

Oh wow, someone needs more than a bag:

We had new carptet installed yesterday, and I’m trying really hard to not put so much “stuff” back in our room. I filled a huge Bed Bath and Beyond bag with very nice clothes that I simply don’t need. I don’t plan to work many more years, and I don’t wear suits anymore. As I approach 60 (wow that sounds old), I don’t wear the same things I wore a couple of years ago. I feel like I have to get this bag out of the house before I start pulling things out of it…

3 big bags went off today. Bought new throw pillows yesterday and off went the 16 year old ones…(yikes)

Our town doesn’t really do a curbside pick up of big, bulky things like some areas do. We do have a credit union that sponsors a big recycling day for these big, bulky items twice a year but we have to haul it there.

Today was the spring time day and they included shredding of up to 3 bank boxes full of stuff. So, we took two boxes of shredding in for them to do for us. (we don’t need to get rid of any big bulky things right now, thank goodness)

It feels good to have that out of the laundry room!

DH has been making great headway through one of our two storage units. Three boxes of books and a dresser to the Goodwill today. Now I need to contact upholsterer and get the remaining loveseat and chairs out of there.

Having a hard day today, so I took a small tote bag of things to Goodwill. It helped. I’m not sure what that says about me. :smile:

Getting multiple loads over several weekends from my college student prior to official move out. I am going through the boxes and bags as they come, doing laundry and putting things away.

Also making a mental note of what I sent that came back unopened. Why did I send her with AA and AAA batteries? Nothing she owns takes those. Also sent her with multiple sizes of safety pins. Again, never used.

After we sit down and go through things, we will declutter that packing list for next year and hopefully take much less.

A box of books ready to go to new home… when I figure out where that is.

I’m sure there are a variety of places but our local library accepts books so that’s where I send mine.

@collage1, that’s my 0lan. I’m pretty sure our library does the same thing, and they may make a little money on the books.

My library has two HUGE book sales every year from donations, and they make a fortune.

Didn’t get much done last week cause I got an awful tummy bug that wiped me out for several days. But today we took several more lots of cardboard and a couple of bags of magazines to recycling plus a couple of big black bags of trash to my office dumpster and one in our bin.

Most of the cardboard and stuff that had been accumulating in the garage is gone now (well that I can see - there may be some hidden under other stuff) but there is still a mountain of stuff. H thought one box had cardboard in it but when I picked it up it had an old scanner. I said we need to Chuck it. He said it is still good so I said then we should donate it but he thinks we can use it (it has been in the garage for years). This is where I’m going to have problems - we still have a microwave in the garage that we bought in England and took to Egypt but had to bring with us to the US because Egypt had really odd rules about any appliances or electronics you brought in. I wanted to get rid of it when we got to the US (can’t use here) but he wouldn’t cause we paid “good money” for it. We moved back in 1988!

Anyway he somewhat grumpilly said we we should just get a dumpster and throw everything out. So I told him I AM renting a dumpster this summer but that the more we can get out of the house for free before I get it the cheaper it will be cause we have to pay each time we empty it. And that I had already called the city waste department to see if we can rent one from them even though we are outside of city limits (yes - just have to set up an account with a credit card as we don’t have a utility account and pay a fuel surcharge as we are out of city limits). Told him I was determined to get this cleaned up and how after my accident last year it was so hard to move around the house with crutches and the knee scooter and that if (when really) he ends up with a wheelchair remember how hard it was for his dad to move round the house cause of his Mom’s hoarding. He didn’t say too much after thst.

I had been wondering how I was going to broach the subject of the roll off dumpster I had been looking into before he inadvertently gave me that opening :slight_smile: .

Now to figure out how I’m physically going to get it done.

@swimcatsmom could you contact a boy and or girl scout troop to help, since they may need volunteer hours? Or a church youth group? They could come for a few hours a day here and there to help carry the heavy stuff and if they drive maybe they could take stuff to the recycle place for you.

It’s an idea. The wife of the accounting partner at work keeps offering to come help - she has cleared junk filled houses in the past and says there is nothing she hasn’t seen! She is the most kind hearted person.

I guess I’m not quite ready to let the outside into my mess. The time may come.

Dumpsters are wonderful and you kind of get on a roll with them. I will caution that there can be issues if you have someone who will look in and “think it will be useful someday”. Roll-offs are big :slight_smile:

I feel the microwave pain. H used to love to buy Black Friday deals. He’s a person very prone to wanting to buy in quantity, rather than quality. We had an extra microwave in the basement for 20 years. It had cost $20 and worked fine, but who needs 2 microwaves? He finally let me donate it when we sold the big house.

@swimcatsmom: You are doing great. One step at a time. You’re bringing your husband around to your way of thinking. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but he’s starting to budge.

Swimcatsmom: Is there any possibility at all you could convince him to go stay with relatives or friends while you load the dumpster and have it removed? I wish for you that was possible.

@swimcatsmom, does anyone in your area do a free recycle day for electronics? I thought the only chance to recycle old televisions, microwaves, computer equipment in my area was the spring clean-up day sponsored by my city/county government. However, I found out last year that our local electric company does a free fall collection week. Maybe something similar in your area to get rid of the scanner and microwave? You are doing great, especially with tweaking your husband’s viewpoint!

Also, check Best Buy. In my neck of the woods, they take stuff for recycling.

We have a local moving company that you can hire to empty a house into a dumpster. Two men and a truck, they are a franchise and may be in your area. You can decide what goes in while they are there. If you think you may need more than one dumpster load, you can arrange to have it emptied, and then immediately refill.