The Best Colleges for Making Money

<p>The Best Colleges for Making Money</p>

<p>Is an Ivy League education worth the money?</p>

<p>The debate over the long-term value of a pricey private-school education is heating up, especially in this tough economy. Sure, everyone knows that by sticker price alone, public schools are a sweet deal, with out-of-state tuition and fees that run about 30 percent less than most of their private rivals—and in-state fees running up to three-quarters less.</p>

<p>Indeed, the math is pretty jarring; the difference, on average, ranges between $7,700 and $18,600 a year, obviously no small matter with stock market woes depleting so many people's savings. But in the back of everybody's mind, there's that nagging question: Is the extra money worth it?</p>

<p>To their credit, elite private schools do boast lower student-to-faculty ratios, fat endowments and name-brand cachet that, along with their active alumni networks, have long provided entr</p>

<p>Top schools in the survey include:</p>

<li>Texas A & M, Average Payback: 315% </li>
<li>University of Texas, Austin Average Payback: 306%</li>
<li>Georgia Tech, Average Payback: 263%</li>
<li>University of Georgia, Average Payback: 239%</li>
<li>University of Washington, Average Payback: 225%</li>
<li>Rutgers, Average Payback: 214%</li>
<li>U. of Illinois, Average Payback: 210%</li>
<li>Clemson. Average Payback: 201%</li>
<li>Purdue, Average Payback: 197%</li>
<li>U of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Average Payback: 190%</li>
<li>Ohio State University, Average Payback: 179%</li>
<li>U. of Virginia, Average Payback: 176%</li>
<li>Indiana (Bloomington), Average Payback: 175%</li>
<li>U. of California (Davis), Average Payback: 169%</li>
<li>U. of Rhode Island, Average Payback: 168%</li>
<li>U. of Delaware, Average Payback: 164%</li>
<li>Penn State, Average Payback: 156%</li>
<li>U. of Mass (Amherst), Average Payback: 152% </li>
<li>Washington and Lee, Average Payback: 145%</li>
<li>Princeton, Average Payback: 132%</li>

<p>SmartMoney Magazine by Neil Parmar</p>

<p>I think this has been posted before and it is based on either skewed or incomplete college selection. All of the service academies should be first with an infinite ROI since graduates earn a 1st Lt's/Lt JG's pay after three years at NO COST. While I like the study's idea, it should be done correctly.</p>