The best for high gpa, lsat and gmat scores

<p>I am most likely going to Indiana University in 2007. I am wondering as to what to major in, I am still confused as to whether to go into law or business. My best friend, a junior at Indiana University-Kelley Business, is telling me to go into business since it is top notch and creates great networks. </p>

<p>My parents on the other hand are telling me to go into law since it provides security and usually a more stable lifestyle (as well as more respect). I am wondering what major to go into that would still allow me to pursue both after receiving a bachelor's degree.</p>

<p>I enjoy studying both business and debating and writing.</p>

A-Political Science- studying politics is interesting.
B-Finance- Ranked #7 nationally at IU undergrad.
C-Accounting- Also ranked #7 nationally at IU undergrad.
D-Economics-supposedly gets one of highest GMAT's and LSAT scores
E-History- #18, also amazing profs.
F-Philosophy-I am fascinated by this major, yet few career opps.</p>

<p>Major in business at Indiana, it's by far their best major. You can always go to law school with any major.</p>

<p>yes, but you can go into business with any major as well.</p>

<p>Yes but unless you go to a top college, a post undergrad job in business will be easier to get with an undergrad business major. And that job will be critical if applying to grad business schools.</p>