The best of the best us universities

<p>... based on the aggregate rankings of 5 major league tables, namely:</p>

<li><p>Parchment Student Choice College Rankings 2014
Parchment</a> Student Choice College Rankings 2014 | Parchment - College admissions predictions.</p></li>
<li><p>US News & World Repost Best Universities 2014
National</a> University Rankings | Top National Universities | US News Best Colleges</p></li>
<li><p>Forbes 2014
America's</a> Top Colleges List - Forbes</p></li>
<li><p>Washington Monthly College Rankings 2013
National</a> University Rankings 2013 | Washington Monthly</p></li>
<li><p>Trend Topper MediaBuzz Ranking 2013
Top</a> Colleges | The Global Language Monitor</p></li>

<p>Rank / School / Ranking Placements / Score</p>

<p>1 Stanford - 1,5,1,3,4 = 2.80
2 Harvard - 3,2,5,4,2 = 3.20
3 MIT - 2,7,6,7,1 = 4.60
4 Princeton - 4,1,2,16,9 = 6.40
5 Columbia - 11,4, 4,17, 3 = 7.80</p>

<p>6 Yale - 6,3,3,28,6 = 9.20
6 Pennsylvania - 10,7,7,12,10 = 9.20
8 Duke - 5,7,10,14,16 = 10.40
9 Berkeley - 14,20,15,2,5 56 = 11.20
10 Chicago - 12,5,9,25,7 = 11.60 </p>

<p>11 Caltech - 7,10,13,21,28 = 15.80
12 UCLA - 18,23,22,6,11 = 16.00
13 Cornell - 20,16,14,23,8 = 16.20
14 Brown - 8,14,8,33,26 = 17.80
15 Notre Dame - 22,18,16,10,24 = 18.00
16 UNC - 15,30,25,9,15 = 18.80
17 JHU - 24,12,28,18,14 = 19.20
18 Vanderbilt - 16,17,24,11,29 = 19.40
19 Northwestern - 23,12,12,30,21 - 19.60
*20 Dartmouth - 17,10,11,29,33 - 20.00
*20 Michigan 27,28,20,8,17 = 20.00 </p>

<p>22 Georgetown - 9,20,18,37,22 = 21.20
23 Washington - 19,14,31,19,25 = 21.60
24 Tufts - 13,28,17,26,30 = 22.80
25 Virginia - 28,23,19,27,20 = 23.40
26 Georgia Tech - 30,36,35,5,13 = 23.80
27 Rice - 25,18,21,24,35 = 24.60
28 CMU - 35,23,26,15,27 = 25.20
29 USC - 21,23,34,31,19 = 25.60
*30 Emory - 32,20,38,13,32 = 27.00
*30 NYU - 29,32,30,32,12 = 27.00 </p>

<p>32 Boston College - 34,31,23,35,18 = 28.20
33 Case Western - 38,37,36,1,34 = 29.20
34 William & Mary - 33,32,27,20,37 = 29.80
35 Brandeis - 31,32,29,22,38 = 30.40
36 Wake Forest - 26,23,32,38,36 = 31.00
37 Penn State - 36,37,37,34,23 = 33.40
38 Rochester - 37,32,33,36,31 = 33.80</p>

<p>Stanford came out as the best university out of all the top 38 Best Universities in America. It ranked 1st in two league tables: Parchment and Forbes. And, it never was ranked outside of the top 5 in all 5 rankings. </p>

<p>Harvard wasn’t ranked number 1 in all 5 league tables but it came out number 2 overall, and is the only university aside from Stanford that wasn’t ranked outside of the top 5. Only .40 points separated it from Stanford. </p>

<p>Surprisingly, Yale didn’t make it in the top 5, as it performed quite poorly on Washington Monthly College Rankings, ranking at 28 - it’s poorest out of all the 5 league tables. </p>

<p>Cornell isn’t the worst Ivy. It is Dartmouth which came out at number 20, tied with Michigan. But it is not surprising that all the Ivy schools are in the top 20 overall. </p>

<p>The biggest surprised was UNC which came out as the 3rd best State-run university ranking at number 16 overall, beating both powerhouses, Michigan and Virginia. </p>

<p>I honestly though UCLA’s placement at number 12 is too high for its overall undergraduate prestige and academic standard, but numbers are numbers, and they speak for themselves.</p>

<p>Wow you are really rank obsessed. I really like how you use parchment and washington monthly rankings, which are fundamentally flawed, and give them equal weight against forbes and US News. I don’t understand at all why you would ever give a rankings list published by “Trend Topper MediaBuzz” any credibility. </p>

<p>Nothing here is surprising. Your method of ranking the universities is fundamentally flawed. Someone with half a brain could notice that by the standard deviation of the ranking sets of each university.</p>

<p>“Cornell isn’t the worst Ivy. It is Dartmouth which came out at number 20”</p>

<p>This is the dumbest string of words I’ve ever seen someone spew out onto their computer. People need to stop seeing schools as A>B>C>D>E>F>G>H but rather see them as unique schools with unique talents. For example, if you are studying engineering, there is little reason to pick Yale over Cornell. However, if you are studying humanities, it is pretty clear that Brown comes out over Cornell. </p>

<p>I really don’t know what to say from that. Your logical reasoning through out this thread is fundamentally flawed, which doesn’t speak well to your intelligence at all.</p>

<p>Neither ranking is flawed. There is no right or correct ranking out of the 5 either. They just have a different criteria and / or they measure different things in the university.</p>


Not sure why you’d say that. Cornell’s departments in the humanities generally rank higher than those of Brown, and are usually among the top 10 or 20 in the country.</p>

<p>Of course, for the study of humanities at the undergraduate level, they’re both tremendous schools, and the choice between them is simply a matter of personal preference and fit.</p>

<p>RML, so I guess if I threw out a ranking of the best universities of the world and then had the #1 contributing statistic be how high the suicide rate is, then it must be a legitimate ranking by your logic! I know that is a hyperbole, but it is completely fitting for what you are trying to say.</p>

<p>The criteria that they use to rank universities must be consistent with how good the university actually is. There are so many flaws as I have said, such as Forbes putting Cornell at 50+ last year and then at ~20 this year (know how I don’t know the exact ranking? That’s because people at ivies aren’t actually rank obsessed!) Does that mean that both rankings are truly representative of what the best university is? I should really stop arguing with ignorance though; it wastes my time.</p>

<p>45 Percent: My bad. The humanities programs just aren’t seen as Cornell’s strength here and many people look at Brown. I agree though that it has a lot to do with fit. </p>

<p>An example I like to use to combat people’s obsession to rankings is Cornell’s CS graduates get paid $400 less on average than Stanford’s CS graduates, which could easily be explained by Stanford’s close proximity to silicon valley. CMU claims that their CS college produces the best paid graduates out of any college in the US, but this statistic is manipulated by the fact that CMU has their own college for CS so other engineering majors don’t “drag down” the average salary like it does at Caltech/MIT/Cornell/Stanford/etc.</p>

<p>Rankings are deceiving; get admitted to a school where the your major is respected and then look for fit. I find it weird that no rankings give schools based on tiers… must not be as good for sales.</p>



<p>Well, you got two of its ranks wrong. It’s WM rank is not 6, but 10; and it’s TTMR ranking is not 11, but 14, changing its new average (assuming the others are correct) to 17.5. That places it at the 14th spot. </p>

<p>I disagree that TTMR is a ‘major league table.’ I think you likely included it just because of the position they ranked Berkeley.</p>

<p>I find it funny that he considers these to be major leagues. How low does one need to get to get to minor league rankings haha</p>

<p>Cornelliann, you don’t understand. I considered all 5 league tables because they are the only league tables available today that rate US universities. There isn’t anymore aside from these 5. But if you know of any, let me know. </p>


I don’t think anyone would rank US universities based on that criterion. </p>

<p>Like I said, each of the 5 rankings has its own set of criteria and methodology, but that is not correct to say one is a flawed ranking just because the methodology does not conform with your personal liking.</p>

<p>" Cornelliann, you don’t understand. I considered all 5 league tables because they are the only league tables available today that rate US universities. There isn’t anymore aside from these 5. But if you know of any, let me know."</p>

<p>Pretty low standards you have for rankings to be included in your “best of the best” rankings then. How are these major league rankings if they are all of the rankings? I don’t understand? Oh how misguided you are hahaha</p>

<p>" Like I said, each of the 5 rankings has its own set of criteria and methodology, but that is not correct to say one is a flawed ranking just because the methodology does not conform with your personal liking."</p>

<p>What do you mean personal liking? I haven’t stated that I disagree with these rankings at all. I go to Cornell and your list ranks it fairly highly, but I still really couldn’t care less.
What I do have a problem with is you thinking that you can actually extract any information out of your “ranking” when the rankings of each individual college ranges so much…MIT 1 to 7, Princeton 1 to 19, Yale 3 to 28, Berkeley 2 to 20.</p>

<p>It’s actually hilarious that you think this much about rankings</p>

<p>beyphy, this ranking is exclusive to the top 38 universities (according to USNews). That means, I omitted the colleges, as well as, those universities that are not part of the so-called, top 38.</p>

<p>I have no clue what background you are since when I go into your post history, pretty much all your threads are about rankings. Everyone posts and tells you that you take them way too seriously, but you ignorantly keep doing it. </p>

<p>I can’t reason with the insane.</p>



<p>That is entirely just your personal opinion. :)</p>



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<p>Things sure have changed since 2004 with the “A Revealed Preference…” ranking. I think now it would be:
2) Stanford
3) Yale = Princeton
5) MIT
6) Columbia
7) Wharton
8) Caltech
9) UChicago
10) Penn non-Wharton
11) Brown
12) Duke
13) Dartmouth
14) NWU
15) Cornell
16) Hopkins</p>

<p>[College</a> and university rankings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia](<a href=“]College”>College and university rankings - Wikipedia)</p>



<p>That’s not hyperbole.</p>



<p>That’s hypebole ;)</p>

<p>Damn tk why did you do that? Poor RML won’t know what to do with himself with so many rankings!</p>