The Colorado College Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Edited to correct Colorado College’s ED1 deadline: November 1.

Starting a thread for ED/EA applicants to Colorado College for admission in Fall 2022. Does anyone know when decisions will be released?

late dec (id guess 24-31)

Haven’t heard anything official but last year ED decisions were released 12/11 (and EA 12/16). If they stick with the second Friday of December maybe ED will be out next Friday?

My son applied ED and just got an email that his decision would be released on the portal on December 15th at 4 PM MST.


Good luck to your son! My daughter also applied ED. She was hoping they’d release decisions on Friday but is resigned to the fact that she’ll just have to wait another week!


My daughter also applied ED…she about has a heart attack with each update email.

Admissions office closing at 2pm due to inclement weather. Wonder if decisions will be delayed???

The wind was CRAZY in the Springs today. Apparently trees down everywhere… malls evacuated, rooftops torn open, I-25 closed. D18 is a senior living off campus and a huge evergreen fell in their yard. Luckily it missed the house but is blocking the driveway for sure. It has been an unusual weather event for the Springs!

Daughter accepted! So relieved and happy. Good luck to everyone!


D22 also accepted!

Congratulations to all who were accepted!!! Would you mind sharing your stats?

Son accepted!! GPA 3.83, SAT 1310, lots of extracurriculars including band, theater, tennis. Also, work as a camp counselor and volunteer work with the disability community. Very personal essay. So excited and proud!!


Accepted ED. 34 ACT. 4.30 out of max 4.44 at top HS in the state. No class rank but probably in top 5-10%. 13 APs + 2 math courses beyond Calc. Pretty thin extracurriculars by today’s lofty standards. Excellent essay in English teacher’s opinion. Good interview in mother’s opinion, the kid can be charming. He is very stoked about CC, it seems like a great fit for him and I think that came across. Congrats to all accepted and good luck to all deferred!


D accepted ED with 3.98UW/4.16W GPA, 31 ACT single sitting, 9 APs, strong ECs. CC is a great fit for her, she’s so excited!

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My daughter was accepted ED and is thrilled. Not sure on exact stats, but strong student in urban district with consistent and strong extracurriculars. CC is really the perfect fit for her.
Question—did your acceptance letters have a PS? There was a note on ours regarding the essay which seems personalized but just curious.

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Congrats to your daughter! Yes D’s had a PS about the essay. Nice that they care to spend the extra time to personalize it even if just a little bit!

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Congrats to all! D22 waiting on an EA decision Monday. What does one mean by strong ECs? Not that it matters at this point, just curious!

ECs means strong list of extracurriculars. Yes, my son’s letter also had a personalized P.S. about his essay. It was a nice touch that made me cry!

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